Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun at the Hodges

We went to Tulsa on Sunday.

We had a great time playing on the new swingset.

We also rode cars on the sidewalk. Cole and Brewer both wanted the firetruck so Cole said, "You want to sit on my lap, Brewer, would that be fun?" He immediately regretted the invitation and said, "Brew, you too big!"

Cole then decided the pink car wasn't too bad.

Cole LOVES Hadley.

He wanted to feed her. She was a good sport about it, but it looked a little silly.

Michelle took Zoe shopping for her birthday and Bud and Brad went to get stuff for lunch so I got to stay at home with the other kids!! It actually went great.

They bought ice cream sandwiches for the kids to eat after lunch. They were pretty messy.

Zoe came back with a manicure and pedicure and tons of fun gifts.

Aunt Shell went WAY overboard as usual.

They also ate lunch at Panera and dessert at Cherry Berry.

Zoe had an amazing time.

What a fun day for all of us!

Hodges Come to Visit

The Hodges came to visit us on Saturday. We had a good time, mostly playing outside.

Cole was ready to go home with Brewer. Mark and Michelle said his carseat wouldn't fit.

Can't Wait Until Summer!

This weekend warmed up enough to play in the water.

It took Cole a little while to get use to the cold water.

We played in Jolie's little baby pool.

I'm not really sure why Cole felt the need to wear goggles. Maybe he was just trying to look cool!

Jolie LOVED the water.

Taya played with us too.

Summer is going to be a blast!

Field Day

Zoe had field day today at school.

She hasn't won any ribbons the last two years, but was feeling more confident this year because they only compete against the girls in their class. She only has 7 girls in her class this year.

I think she won 3 ribbons. I can't wait to ask her about it after school.

Doesn't she look cute and athletic in the new outfit Aunt Shell got her?

She looked like she was having a good time!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Counting Our Blessings

This is where we were when the tornado sirens went off Sunday afternoon.

Mom, Charity, Zoe, and I spent the afternoon in Joplin unaware of any potential storms. Our last stop was Cherry Berry, a new yogurt place on Rangeline. We were sitting and enjoying our treat and someone announced that the sirens were going off.The manager assured us that the windows were double paned and there was nothing to worry about. They also told us, "You know Joplin, the sirens go off all the time". I called Brad and he said we should probably just stay there. We stayed for a little while and didn't hear the sirens anymore so we decided to leave. We found out later the sirens probably stopped because of the storm.

I looked back later that night at the text I sent Brad that said "leaving", it was sent at 5:30. The tornado hit at 5:40.

I turned on the radio when we got to I-44 and they were yelling that a tornado had touched down in Joplin and we passed an ambulance racing from Seneca on 43. We still didn't know how bad it was until we got home.

I am so saddened by all the stories I have heard. I feel awful for Matt and Tiffany's mom and the other workers who have to see so many horrible things. It makes me tremble to know we could have been there with our girls.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Zoe's Rise and Shine

Zoe's class presented our Rise and Shine assembly this morning. They did a cute little cheer. My pictures didn't turn out very well because they were kind of far away.

This is her friend Turner. Yes, they're just friends! He's so adorable though!

Night at the Ballpark

We went to watch Uncle Blake play baseball a few nights ago.Cole enjoyed 2 hotdogs and a bag of MnMs.

He actually watched some of the game.

When Papa was coaching by 3rd base, Cole would yell "Go Papa!"

Blake's team won. It was really exciting!

We can't wait to watch more of Blake's games this summer!