Saturday, June 30, 2012

What a Heart Wants

Last night Cole was really tired at bedtime and, in an attempt to put off going to sleep, he said he was hungry.  When I told him we weren't going to eat until the morning, he started crying and saying, "But my heart needs a waffle."  He kept crying and arguing, and I told him he needed to stop and calm down. As he was still crying, he said, "Sorry."  I said, "If you are REALLY sorry, you'll just lay down and go to sleep."  He pouts out his lip and said, "Well, I'm not really sorry."

Friday, June 29, 2012

Silly Fun With Friends

Zoe had her birthday party in Seneca and didn't get to invite her buddies from Owasso, so yesterday we had a fun day with Peyton and Macy.  Peyton came over in the morning.  She is Zoe's "silly" friend.  She was loads of fun and knew how to have a good time.  They started off their day by dressing up in some of Zoe's old recital costumes.  They wanted to wear them to pick up Macy.  I told them we had to run to the grocery store first and they said they didn't mind.  I wasn't going to be seen in public with them like that so I said, "It's way to hot to wear those outside today."
 We went to the grocery store and picked up some snacks.  At the checkout I notice them looking at this magazine.  They were going through it wondering how most of the guys made the top 100.  It's still funny that they're starting to notice.
 We picked up Macy and went to Applebee's for lunch.   Cole had spent another night at Nan and Pop's so it was just the girls.
 They all sat on one side of the booth together.
 Their conversations cracked me up!  I hope they always want to hang out with me.  They're a lot of fun, and really good girls.
 After we ate, we went back to our house to play.  Macy was saying her head hurt, but she thought it was just from laughing too hard.   
 About 2:00 I get a call from Mom.  Cole wanted to come home, which was very unusual.  The girls didn't want to ride with me to meet Mom so they agreed to stay at Macy's for a while.  Macy was the only one who didn't really want to go.  Krissi sent me a text not long after I dropped them off and said Macy had a fever of 102.7.  Poor thing!  When I got Cole in the car I asked him why he wanted to come home and he said, "My heart needed Mama."  Come to find out he had a fever of 101.3.
 Peyton still got to hang out with us.  Her and Zoe danced and Peyton did backhandsprings in our living room!
 While at Wal-Mart, Peyton had told me about these yummy snacks her mom makes.  You spread Nutella inside a crescent roll and bake it.  They were really good.  I told the girls to show me how great they were and these were their faces.
 They're funny.
 That evening we headed to Stone Canyon to watch fireworks.  Cole fell asleep on the way there and slept through the entire show.
 The girls seemed to enjoy it though.
 There was a concert before the fireworks started (that we couldn't actually see) and the girls were dancing.

 I thought it was hilarious because when the fireworks started they both sat in the same chair.
 Then they rated each firework by yelling things they dislike for the bad ones and things they like for the good ones.
 So randomly they would yell, "Broccoli" or "Puppies!"  They had several.  For the super great ones Peyton would yell, "My family!"  I tried to get Zoe to yell, "My mom!" for those, but couldn't ever convince her.
Even through all the noise of the fireworks and the girls, Cole slept.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Yeah, This is Why I Love Owasso

We've been in Seneca a lot this summer and going back makes me miss everyone so much.  
 Today I spent the whole day with my brother and his kids and realized why I love it here so much.
 The boys played really well together.  I love their conversations.  At one point, they were pretending to be some sort of superheroes and Bomber yells, "Let's jump all the way to the gassy giants!"  Apparently that's a couple of planets.

 Then later, they ran in from outside and Bomber said there was a yellowjacket out there.  Cole said, "Yeah, but you can't wear it".  Then Brewer adds, "It's actually an insect."  Hilarious!

 Yes, Cole never wears pants around the house.
Hads had her shirt off only because she was eating a pop ice, but it was a pretty relaxed day.I love this little girl.  When I've been gone though,  she ignores me for awhile when she first sees me.  I kept trying to get her to come see me and she would just look at me and then hug and kiss her dad.  
What a stinker! 
 This is her "What? Am I doing something I'm not supposed to?" face.
After we hung out at home this morning and then had lunch we headed to the Splash Pad.  We didn't stay long, but it was fun.  I really love hanging out with Bud and his family.

What a Tripp!

We went to Seneca Monday and then headed to Gavin's birthday party.  Look how cute Tripp is!
We went to Cunningham Park first to eat cupcakes.  The new park was really nice, but it still weirds me out when I go to Joplin.  

The Cunningham Pool was at maximum capacity so we headed to Ewert.  The kids had a blast.
I left Cole with Mom and Dad.  They also had Boston and Brody.  I took Judd, Charity, Zoe, and Rylee.  They were pretty easy!

We came home and played with Kim's brothers, Alex and Eddie.
I had Alex in first grade before I left.  I love him!  They are both so sweet.

I love to watch the kids play and laugh together.
It's hard to imagine our lives without Judd now.
Actually, Judd went home with Eli after Gavin's party and it felt really strange.  Mom mentioned several times how much she missed him.  When Casey brought him home, Mom asked, "Did you miss me?"  Judd answered, "Yes, but I had a really fun day!"  He talked about swimming at Grandma's and Eli's nice house, and how he has a little sister.  He loved it!  Thanks Casey!
Anyway, we were all glad to have him back at home.
Zoe went to bed early because she was spending Tuesday at dance camp with Mrs. Charity.  Benny snuggled in next to her while she went to sleep.
Charity invited us to her one day dance camp. Zoe was so excited and it was awesome to walk back in the studio!
We rode to Neosho with Steph, Taya, and Tripp. Then Journey met us at the door. I love these girls!

Zoe's best buddy, Mia, was there too!
Steph and I ran to Wal-Mart after we dropped off the kids.  It's amazing how much more fun Wal-Mart is with friends (and without your own children).  I got to watch Tripp walk and loved hanging out with him.  He's adorable and has a funny personality!
Zoe had a great time at dance camp and it was fun to hang out with friends.