Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charity's First Volleyball Game

Charity had her first volleyball game today. Zoe put together a goodie bag for her full of things she had made. She also gave her a gift which consisted of candy, a bouncy ball, and a pair of Nike shorts that she didn't want anymore.

She also made signs to hold up for her at the game. Charity loved it and gave Zoe and and the rest of us thumbs up a few times during the game.

Addie is on her team and several other really sweet girls. Her coaches are very nice too!

Hunter, Tiffany, Micah, and Aunt Sue came to watch her too. She actually tried really hard. She stuck with it and paid attention. When it was her turn to serve the first time she looked at the crowd before she served and announced, "I've been practicing this at home." It didn't get over the net but the whole crowd cheered (even the other team).
We're really proud of you Charity. Good job today!

Good Sister

Cole loves hanging out with his "sisser". She's really good with him.
She's good about reading to him. She got a 3-D puppy book at the Book Fair and was reading it to him. She put the red headband around his head to keep the glasses on. Funny huh?

He's been sick. He's starting to feel a little better though. She got him a snack and fixed him up in her bed so he could relax with her.

Not Prepared For a Boy

We had a little school carnival last Tuesday to celebrate the Book Fair. The girls wanted to go and I thought it was something Cole would really enjoy too.

He had a good time, but I left there completely humiliated!

They had a magician and Zoe got pulled to the front to help. I was really wanting to watch her and Cole did not want to sit still. I let him crawl up on the steps on the side of the stage that you see behind the magician. All of a sudden he just threw another kid's can of pop and it splattered on this poor lady and her son. Luckily they were super sweet about it. I begged Charity to go get lots of paper towels from the bathroom and as I'm on my knees wiping up Sprite, he throws a cup of popcorn and nails me in the head!! I work at the school...teaching children... and mine is acting like a maniac! I pulled him out of there and found a janitor to clean up the rest of the mess. We ended up buying some books and he was fine. It's so weird because he wasn't ever mad. He just throws things, I guess for the fun of it. Zoe never did that. Why are boys so strange?
Anyway, I hope he enjoyed his trip to the school. He may not be going back until he starts kindergarten!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun Weekend

I pulled up to the house Friday after work and saw Aunt Sue and Cole sitting on the front porch sippin' tea and talking. I said they looked like a little old couple! Apparently they had a fun day. They ate pizza at Simple Simons, went to see the ducks, and played at the park.

Marleigh's birthday party was that night. She had a movie theater set up in her basement. We found out they were watching Megamind so Mallorie and Zoe thought it would be funny to dress in their Megamind recital costumes and surprise the party crew!

Cole LOVED the cupcakes. He ate two at the party and cried and begged Marissa (the Beale's 6th grader) to give him another. It broke Marissa's heart but I wouldn't let him have another. She said, "I'll save it for you and bring it to you tomorrow."

He woke up the next morning, looked out the window to their house across the street, and said "another cupcake!" Marissa was true to her word and brought him one that afternoon.

Saturday we spent a lot of the day on the trails at Wildcat park. It was a beautiful day. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed spending time together.

Cole either ran way ahead of us or trailed far behind.

Most of what made him slow was the fact he thought he need a drink of water every few minutes!

It was a great, but tiring, day!