Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Marcy Loves Brad

15 years ago today Brad and I got married! It just seems like we've grown up together. My family moved to Neosho for one year when I was in 7th grade. My mom swears it was because of Brad. Although our relationship only lasted a couple of months (that was about the length of all my relationships), he was my only boyfriend while we lived there. Since the move I haven't found everything, but I still have his school picture from 7th grade. On the back it says, "To: Dean From: Moe, Hope we stay together forever". Cheesy, I know, but I LOVE IT! I also made a shirt in 7th grade that I still have that says, "Marcy loves Brad".I wear it every once in a while. Mostly because I still can.We dated again our junior and senior year of high school and our freshman year of college, but only a couple of months at a time. This picture is our first date our junior year of high school. He took me out after a football game.I remember one time saying to someone, if we ever made it through a baseball season together, we would probably get married (he never had much time for me during baseball). On June 20th, 1996 he totally surprised me. He had always acted like we wouldn't get engaged until after college. We had just finished our sophomore year. We went out to eat at Travetti's with his brother, Mick, and his wife, Paula. We ate dinner. I was totally relaxed because I had no clue what was going on and ate a ton. I remember Mick even said, "You might want to save room for dessert." Mick acted like he got a page from work and Paula went to the bathroom. Then the waitress brought a cake out that said, "Will you marry me?" Brad got on his knee and pulled my ring out of his sock (no box). I was shaking. It was so exciting!
We got married 5 months later over Thanksgiving break our Junior year of college. Brad worked at Sam's. I worked at Kid's Korner. We were full time students. I still cheered. He played baseball. We really had no worries. Not sure how we did it. This was one of our engagement pictures.
We've been through so much together. His dad died suddenly a year after we were married. We had a miscarraige before Zoe. Then there are all the other trials everyday life brings you.
January 6, 2007 Brad went into the emergency room thinking he had pneumonia and had cracked a rib. That was the night our lives changed. They told us they thought he had cancer. About a week later after some tests and a biopsy one surgeon told us it wasn't cancer, just an infection. We were so relieved. Later in January we went for another biopsy to see what type of infection it was and that's when they came out to tell me it was in fact cancer. Brad was out and they were asking me to sign a paper saying they could put a port in to start chemotherapy. My stomach still hurts thinking of that day. I remember telling that doctor that Brad went in thinking it was nothing and he was going to wake up with a port in. How was I going to explain that to him?
We fought through 6 months of chemo. It took over our lives. At the end of his treatments he got a virus and was very sick. He was in intensive care at Freeman, when they told us he would need to be life flighted to St. Louis. I rode next to him on the tiny airplane. He lay there completely out, on 100% oxygen. Nothing else mattered at that moment. I couldn't think of anything but getting him better. He was in St. Louis for a week and a half. Our whole family was there. I didn't leave the waiting room and was in the room with him when I could be. I would lay in the bed next to him and just hug him tight. A couple of times he grabbed by booty so I knew there was still a spark in him! He's always loved my bubble butt!
I could tell a lot of the family didn't think he would make it, but I knew he would. I knew he would, because I can't live without him. I can't even imagine my life without him and I don't want to.
He is the most amazing man ever. He loves God, adores me, and is a great daddy.
We really will "stay together forever". I love you Brad!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Cole woke up this morning and the first thing he asked was, "Is it Christmas now?"So we put up our Christmas decorations today.
Cole was making weird faces, almost like he was completely uninterested. I think he's only concerned about the presents.

He did pitch in and help some.

It looks pretty.
I found this plate. It already said, "Dear Santa, I have been good". Last year Zoe took a marker and added, "But I can't speak for Cole". Funny.

I love digging out all their handmade decorations each year. Too cute!
I put this picture of Cole on the fireplace. He seemed annoyed by it already and he's only 2.
This is going to be a fun Christmas!


Aunt Marsha, Uncle Alan, and Kerstin came in Wednesday night and stayed with us. We were so excited to see them.Kerstin and Zoe drew each others' names for Christmas. Since they won't be able to make it for Christmas we went ahead and exchanged gifts while they were here.
They also brought Cole's birthday gift so they all enjoyed unwrapping early presents.

Cole got a puzzle and a fun bath toy. Zoe got American Girl Doll gifts (Aunt Marsha visited the store in Dallas). She got a Get Well Kit and some glasses.

Thursday morning Brad took Marsha for a drive around Owasso and to Catoosa to see where he works. I cooked a little for our Thanksgiving lunch. Cole listened to Uncle Alan read him a story.

Then we all loaded up to go to Ramona for lunch with Brad's dad's side of the family.
We eat lunch with everyone (there were 97 people total) at the school cafeteria in Ramona. It's only about a 30 minute drive for us now!
Then we head over to Aunt Dorthy and Uncle Eddie's for fun on the farm.

Cole and Zoe played outside almost the entire time. Cole had a great time with Meme. It's beautiful there.
We left there and took Brad back home because he had to work Friday. Then the kids and I headed to Seneca. Mom, Blake, and I went shopping all night. The whole day (and night) was a lot of fun with family!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shopping With Krissi and Mason

We went to the Bartlesville mall with Krissi and her 3 year old son, Mason today. I loved hanging out and talking with Krissi, but I wouldn't say the shopping experience was relaxing. Cole and Mason were running around everywhere. They were chasing each other and hiding. Krissi and I were going crazy. Looking back I guess we shouldn't have expected two 3 year old boys to shop with us. They did seem to enjoy Claire's though. Maybe a little too much!
Krissi bought us a nice lunch and we really did have a fun day. Both boys were asleep before we got out of Bartlesville. All that "shopping" wore them out!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cole's Birthday Party

We celebrated Cole's 3rd birthday a little early. His actual birthday is December 2nd, but that's when Dad gets inducted into the MO Coaches Hall of Fame, plus December is a crazy time of year for everyone, so we had his party on Saturday.
Cole isn't a very social guy (that's my nice way of putting it). He hates crowds. He really only likes one person at a time. He also doesn't like people looking at him or talking to him so a big birthday party kinda seemed like his worst nightmare.

Nana offered to let us have it at her house. Since it is Cole's favorite place it seemed logical. Brad and I decided to only invite people that we wouldn't be humiliated around when Cole was rude.
He wanted a cupcake right after he ate lunch so we went out on the back porch and let him and Charity, Blake, and Zoe eat one. Nana asked if we should let him blow out candles. I should have let him because he didn't want anyone singing Happy Birthday later and he didn't want to stop playing trains to blow out candles. I guess I'm getting old. I didn't make him.

He played outside, shirtless, until right before the party.

Having a party was a great excuse to see all our family and friends again.

Cole didn't say hello. In fact, he just played with his trains the entire time.

He let his friends unwrap the rest of his presents.

Hadley wanted someone to unwrap this chocolate bar. She went to Micah first. I guess he looked like the biggest sucker. Being a dad of a little one, he knew better.
So guess who she went to next? Papa Boots. He opened it for her!

We ate cupcakes even though we didn't sing to Cole. They were yummy!

We were so glad everyone got to come!

Even Mia came over at the end of the party to hang out with Zoe!
Today, Bomber and Cole are playing with all his new toys! Thanks everyone. He loves them all!
Happy Birthday Cole!