Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back Home

We spent the night in Orlando, near the airport, Sunday night.

Cole did well flying. We had a 2 and a half hour lay over in Indianapolis. We ate lunch there and played a little while. Cole slept from Indianapolis to Kansas City.

We got home about 8:45 and visited with the neighbors. Then we went to Nana and Papa's house to surprise them. They got home from Blake's game about 10:00 and we gave them some souvineers and alligator meat.

It was a fun trip but we're happy to be home!

Cocoa Beach

We said good-bye to our "new house" as Cole called it all week.

We headed to the beach.
Cole and Zoe were both much braver this year. They swam in the beach and played in the sand.

Orange Grove

Saturday we visited the best orange grove. They had all kinds of unique things to look at while we waited for our tour.

We were able to sample real orange juice. It was delicious.

We also ate alligator meat.

Cole loved the playground and dump trucks.

The best part was the tour bus! Look at this monster truck we got to ride in for our tour of the orange grove.

We saw more alligators.

We were able to feed cattle. The kids threw oranges to them.

This was our bus driver. He was just the type of driver you wanted if you were riding a monster truck.

Then we picked oranges to take back with us.

Cole picked one. He mostly enjoyed kicking and jumping on the oranges that had fallen to the ground.

More Swimming and SeaWorld

We loved swimming at the resort.

We ate some lunch and then headed off to SeaWorld again.

Zoe and Brad rode Journey to Atlantis. They loved it.

We saw penguins, Cole's favorite.

I rode Manta. It was so scary and too much fun!

When we got home Zoe gave my the Spa Treatment. She massaged my shoulders and did my hair. We also watched fireworks again.

Hanging out and having fun with your kids all week is a blast!