Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cole is an Artist

Cole got a box of 96 crayons in his stocking.  They must be magic crayons, because I never knew he could draw and write so well! He made some snowmen for me.  

Then he made some pictures that he mailed to Nana and Papa.  This is a house. 

 This is a train.  
I know I'm partial, but I'm impressed by his art and writing!  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Love You for Lots of Reasons

One night, a few weeks ago, as we were in bed ready to go to sleep (yes, Cole sleeps with us) Cole asked, "Mom, why do you love me?"

I told him there were lots of reasons that I loved him. 

Now, every night, he says, "Mom, I love you for one hundred, five hundred, sixty thousand reasons!" (the number is different each night, but it is always huge) Then he says, "Do you want me to name three?"  He actually thinks of different reasons every night and I love them all.  I've tried to record his sweet, little, four year old voice saying them, but he doesn't want to say them on camera. 
He starts with, "I love you because..." Here are some I can remember:
You let me drink chocolate milk for dinner and snacks.
You let me play with Grayson.You give me hugs and kisses.
You take me to the park.
You are nice (although it doesn't look like Zoe thinks so in this picture).You play trains with me.

Then sometimes he says things that he's heard me say.
 I love you because you love your dad (I'm not sure if he's talking about Brad or Papa, but I love them both).

I love you because you were a good girl at Nana's. (He told me that one last night).
I love you because you love Jesus.

Then sometimes he tells me reasons to try and get me to do something he wants. 
I love you because you turn on the fan (the fan wasn't on).
I love you because you are going to build tracks with me tomorrow.

I know this won't last forever so I'm cherishing every moment.


Zoe and I went to see the Tulsa Ballet Nutcracker. 
I still get really nervous driving in Tulsa, especially downtown.  Michelle laughs at me because my stomach still does flip flops when I see the skyline even from Owasso. The Performing Arts Center is right in the middle of it all!    
The show was really amazing and I always love hanging out with Zoe!


Hanging with the Other Wards

I should have posted this last month, but better late than never.
Zoe went to her first Oklahoma State football game with her dad, Uncle Mick, Lance, Uncle Blake, and Papa. 

 They all seemed to really love it. 

While the boys and Zoe were at the game, Paula, Sydney, Cole, and I had our own fun.

We ate out and went to the zoo.

These two little blondies were cracking us up all day. 

It was a really beautiful day, even though it was the middle of November. 

Paula said that one of the chimpanzees reminded her of Mick because he was silly and loved to wrestle the little ones. 

Sydney and Cole thought this was funny.

Then Cole continued to call him Uncle Mick!
  A few days later we were lucky enough to see the Wards again at Thanksgiving in Ramona, OK. Cole and Sydney had become pretty good buddies!

And of course Zoe thinks Syd is the cutest thing ever!

We really enjoyed hanging out on Uncle Eddie and Aunt Dorthy's farm. 
It's fun to play there and hang out with all the cousins.

And I am extremely lucky to have such amazing sister in laws.  I love every one of them and have such a great time with them. 
 Can't wait to see the crew again tomorrow for Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Sunday with the Hodges

We went to Bud and Michelle's Sunday for a yummy lunch and presents. Michelle made chimichangas.  They were so delicious!

This is Hadley's "I'm not amused" face.

She got over it though. She looks like she thinks she is doing something wrong when she started unwrapping her gift.

She liked the baby doll things that Zoe picked out and the Dora jammies we got her.
She insisted on putting on the pajamas and then went and got a brush and bow and gave me so I could make her look fancy!
Brewer knew his present was a guitar even before he opened it and Cole knew he was getting Lego Thomas.  I think they may have been discussing presents for the last couple of weeks!

They both loved their gifts.  

Brad picked out Bomber's gift.  It was a bank that looks like a booty crack and a roll of quarters.  The bank farts (loudly) when you put money in it.  Bomber loved it!

Hayden liked the nail art and polish Zoe picked out and the glow in the dark bracelet set.  We had fun making friendship bracelets together!

Zoe got a really beautiful cross necklace.  I may have to steal it sometimes!

Brad decided I wasn't thinking of Bud when I picked out Michelle's presents.  A Forever Lazy and a Genie Bra.  While neither are attractive they are both very comfortable!  She loved them!
Brad got a book and Bud got a Royals spatula for the grill.  I got a camera!  Yes, Michelle always goes overboard on my gifts.  She spoils me.  I needed a camera because mine broke.  I can't believe she got me one.  She takes care of me, I love her so much!  

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hanging out with them!  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon!