Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Parade

Last night we headed to Claremore for the Christmas parade.  Before the parade we stopped at the Claremore Museum of History.  They had a model train display. 

Cole couldn't get enough of it. 
He watched them go around the track several times and ran around chasing it.  He named all the cars (hopper car, tank car, box car). The older gentleman who owned the trains loved Cole. 

We all loved watching Cole.  It was so cute.
Luckily the museum closed at 5:00 or we might not have got him out of there in time to see the parade.  We went to eat and then found a spot to watch the parade.
We made fun of Cole because he couldn't keep his eyes open with the flash of the camera.  He looks a little silly in all the pictures. 
We waited for about 30 minutes for the parade to get to us. 

There were some good floats.  I think there were 200 entries so it was a long parade!

Zoe stood right up in the middle of the action and waved and waited for candy.
Cole lasted until about 6:45 and then fell asleep. 

We left early (about 7:00).  Cole stayed asleep until almost 9:00 this morning! 
 It was a fun time.  I always love hanging out with the family!!

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