Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Circus and Charity

One of the perks of Michelle's job is that she gets tickets to cool events! 

We got the kids out of school early and headed to the circus. Charity went too and spent the night with us.
Right after it started Cole asked, "Is it almost over?"
 I was a little worried, but he ended up LOVING it!
Macy's mom, Krissi, bought the kids cotton candy. 

It was an exciting show!

Char spent the night and hung out with us on Saturday.

We went to Petsmart, where Zoe helps out with a rescue group.  Charity wanted to adopt every animal in the place!

We didn't leave with any pets, but I think they still had a good time!

These Are the People I Hang With

The weather was so nice Friday we decided to take a trip to the zoo.  Brewer and Cole both sported their hats.  I somehow convinced them that it was too hot to wear them in the zoo though.There were lots of animals out. 

Brewer and Cole didn't really stop running long enough to look at them though.

Hadley loved looking at the animals.

She did have a little trouble keeping up with the boys though!

I love listening to these two talk.  HILARIOUS!

Hadley kept saying this huge turtle was going to bite her.  He does look like he might be able to swallow her whole!All three kids loved the playground. 
And I know I'm partial, because he's my little brother, but Bud is an amazing dad. 
I love watching him with his kids. 

As we were leaving Brewer realized we didn't see the elephants.  Maybe it was because he was exhausted from running all over the zoo, but he was a little dramatic about how disappointed he was about not seeing them.  He was following Bud yelling, "You ruined my whole day!"  Bud didn't even turn around.  I was laughing hysterically! 
Brewer's day may have been ruined, but I always love hangin' with these guys!