Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stone Canyon Walk a Thon

Friday morning was the walk a thon at school.  This is Cole's PreK class.  I adore his teachers.  He has learned so much already!

Cole and Zoe both walked in the morning.

Zoe and Hayden dressed up a little for the event.  They seemed to be having a lot of fun!

Cole was annoyed and didn't really want to stop walking to take a picture.  That kid needs to loosen up a little.

Zoe and Macy seemed to be more relaxed this year.  They were more interested in having a good time, rather than walking the most laps!

They both seemed to enjoy the morning though and had fun with their friends.

It's kind of strange having a kid in PreK and 5th grade.  I'm glad I got to hang out with them both at the same school for a least one year though!

Star Student

Cole was the star student last week.  All of the other students said something about him and the teachers wrote it on a star.  My favorite was: "He is awesome and my best friend". 
Cole said Grayson said that. 
 I asked him who said, "He is my boyfriend."  He told me the girl's name and said, "Sometimes she gets in trouble a lot." I sent a text to Michelle and said he was going to be like his Uncle Bud and fall for the trouble makers! 


The Best Day of Cole's Entire Life

 For several weeks they had been counting down the days until they got to see Thomas the Train. 
 To say they were excited was an understatement!
Thomas wasn't there when we arrived, but there was plenty for us to do while we waited.

Cole and Gray were excited by everything!

They had tents set up with different activities. 

They were given a paper and got a stamp for each of the stations they visited.  After they got all their stamps they received a prize.

Cole got a few tattoos on his arm and has been worried they will come off.  I think he feels pretty tough and important with his Thomas tats.Thank goodness he can't get a permanent tattoo at the age of four.  I feel like this would be a serious regret later in life.

He kept checking them out to make sure they were still there.

We told the boys they got to meet Sir Topham Hat.  When he came out, I don't think he looked like they expected.  Cole stared and whispered, "He looks freaky."  Later Cole said he had weird hands and his fingers stayed together.

We also got to walk through an old train.  It had lots of model trains set up in there and Cole loved it!  He kept pointing at things and asking me to take pictures of them.

He liked all the train pictures too.

It was so much fun for me to watch how much he loved it all.

We visited the gift shop and spent some money that Lindsay's dad gave the boys. Of course they bought another Thomas train because you can never have enough of those!

Then all of a sudden, they both yelled and we noticed that Thomas had arrived!
They were star struck!  Grayson kept jumping up and down yelling, "Thomas is real!"

Cole announced that this was the best day of his life!

We boarded the train.  We were in the caboose.The boys were in awe.

They seemed shocked that they were really riding on Thomas!

We handed over our tickets and helped Thomas get moving by clapping and yelling, "Push Thomas Push!"

They were even given a certificate signed by Sir Topham Hat (which is pretty amazing since his fingers aren't separated).
Lindsay and I had a great time too!  Okay, we're being a little silly here, but seriously it was so much fun! We loved hanging out with our boys and seeing them so excited.

On the way home they talked about how much fun they had and how they wanted to go to each other's house.They were both worn out and Cole fell asleep.

When Brad got home from work, Cole told him all about his best day ever.  He said he loved Thomas one hundred thousand two.  He even asked Brad to take him again the next day.

That night as he was going to sleep he still had a huge smile on his face.  He said, "I just can't stop saying how much I love Thomas!"  I said, "I'm glad you had fun, Cole." and he responded, "I'm glad you had fun too, Mom."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cole and Grayson

These two had a great day at school!  Cole was the line leader and Grayson was the caboose.

As we were pulling out of the pick up line at school, they were both shouting to Mrs. Barr and Mrs. Batterton that they were invited to come play too!

Cole told me that Grayson has a girlfriend named Claire.  Cole said he had a girlfriend named Cambree, but then he laughed and said he was just kidding.

Grayson also told me he knows how to speak Spanish and then said, "OeOeO...that's my name in Spanish".  Impressive.

 They both love school and seem to have lots of friends (and girlfriends).