Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Light Special On Scabs

 I have to give VanWagner credit for the title.  Apparently, many years of teaching 3rd grade writing has sharpened her own writing skills.  It's a catchy and disgusting title...yep, she's definitely thinking like a 3rd grader! 
 Cole had scratched his face a couple of days ago.  As we were sitting in the car waiting to get the girls from school, he said, "Mom, I pulled this off my face.  It looks like a tree." (I guess the bark of a tree?) I look back and explain to him that it's called a scab and told him not to pull it off.  He looked concerned and said, "Maybe we can buy a new scab at the store."  Zoe and I agreed we didn't want to shop at a store that sells scabs.  GROSS!  My brother did say he thought they might be on sale at Wal-Mart.
I took Cole to the doctor yesterday.  He has a sinus infection and an ear infection.  Poor guy!  He was asleep on the couch at 6:30, then awake and screaming at 7:30.  He cried for about an hour.  
Finally he calmed down and I played with him in his room.  He looked at me and said, "It makes me sad when I have snot in my nose, and I'm happy because you are playing cars with me." 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Macy's Spa

Macy had a spa birthday party Friday night.  It was so much fun.

She has been a great friend to Zoe.  They get along really well.  She's a sweet girl.
She just moved here in August too.  She invited a few girls from Stone Canyon and a couple of girls from her hometown.  They were all sweet, fun girls.
Krissi, Macy's mom, had gone all out!  They did facials, manicures, pedicures, and a foot soak.  She had amazing food and drinks too.

The girls were all giggles.  They ran nonstop!

This is Mary Grace.  Michelle had told us about her and how sweet she was.  She wasn't in Zoe's class though.  The first day of school, when Zoe didn't know anyone, she asked around at recess if anyone knew Mary Grace.  She had never met her but Zoe found her at recess and Mary Grace was so precious with her.  She was great about including Zoe and letting her play with her and her friends.  What a great girl!

Macy's big sister, Madolyn, and her friend, Gabby wore cute little aprons and served the girls.
I think the 3rd graders enjoyed bossing the 5th graders.  Madolyn and Gabby were really good sports about it though.

We didn't leave until 1:00 in the morning!  Some of the girls stayed the night but since we had Bomber's birthday the next day and were tired by 1:00 anyway, Zoe came on home with me.
As we were leaving, Zoe really wanted to take their dog, Fluff, home with her...
but she settled for this amazing gift basket full of cool stuff!
Thanks again for the fun time and Happy Birthday Macy!!

Bomber's Birthday Party

Bomber had his birthday party at Bounce U on Saturday. It was so much fun!

I hadn't seen Cole since Tuesday and was about to die.  When they pulled up to our house Saturday morning I ran outside, excited to see them.  Judd ran to me and jumped up and hugged me.  I loved it!
Cole told me all about his week on the way to the bounce house.  Sounded like he had a blast.  He talked about Hunter's party, Nana's chicken, and how he wore underwear to sleep just like Pops.
Bounce U was a lot of fun and really well organized.  The kids (and I) had fun on all the slides and obstacle courses.

After we bounced we went to a room and ate pizza, cake, and unwrapped presents.

Bomber seemed to enjoy his party.  I can't believe he is 5!  Happy Birthday!