Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hadley is a Breeze

 I've been bragging to Bud that the past few times I've watched Hadley she has been so much easier.
 She's so adorable and I love hanging out with her.  Last time Bud came to get her all the cushions were pulled off the couch, Bomb and Cole were jumping around like crazy guys, and Hadley was in the middle of them with poopy pants.  What was I doing?
 I was making these cute bags for Bomber's birthday.  He wears ties everyday to school (because he knows how adorable he looks in them) and so when I saw these I knew they would be perfect!  Michelle added the candy and sweet picture to the back.
I'm afraid, now though, that Bud will only think Hadley is easy because I don't really watch her!  Oops.

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