Monday, April 22, 2013

Hangin' with the Reeds

The Reed boys came to play with us this afternoon.  They are seriously too cute!

Dawson cracked me up.  His little voice makes everything he says so adorable! 
After I said, "Darn", he gasped.  I asked if that was a bad word and he said, very sweetly, "Yes.  You can say, Oh Cookies, Oh Pickles, or Oh Flowers though."  It was hard to keep a straight face! 
Later he asked me to come in the bathroom with him while he pooped.  When he was finished he said, "Now someone needs to wipe me!"  Since I was the only "someone" in the bathroom I wiped him.
I was dancing to some music on TV and he jumped up and started dancing with me.  That kid has some sweet moves!
As they were playing outside Cole ran over and told us about a scary bug he saw on a rock.  Brady held his hand and walked over to the rock with him.
 He could tell Cole was nervous and I heard him tell him something about God.  So sweet.
 I love these boys!

OSU Baseball

Saturday we went to watch some OSU baseball.

Brad has been working a lot and has been busy most weekends, so it was nice to get away as a family.

We arrived an hour and a half early to the game.  It reminded me of when I was a kid.  My dad always made sure we were the first ones in the ballpark!
There were some good things about getting to the game early.  The first 250 kids got free tshirts and since Zoe and Cole were the first kids through the gate they got the size and color they wanted.
We got to watch batting practice.
We also got to pick any seat we wanted.  Cole picked some great seats right behind home plate.We were able to hang out and walk around before the game.

And also eat some snacks from the concession stand.

The bad part about getting to the game so early is that when the game actually did start, Cole was ready to go home.

And by the 4th inning, he fell asleep on Brad's leg.
He slept until the bottom of the 7th.

In between each inning, they honored a child who is fighting cancer.  This is Morgan.  She attends Coweta High School and I've seen her story on Michelle's morning show.  They told all about her over the loudspeaker as she stood there in front of a huge crowd.  This is her 4th fight with cancer and she's doing chemo treatments again.  Several people were crying and she got a standing ovation.  It was pretty incredible.Cole woke up in time for a Cowboy homerun, which won them the game against K State!

Zoe elbowed me through most of the game.  Apparently my loud cheering and dancing was embarrassing her. 
I can't help games are fun!

After the game, all the kids got to run the bases.

Cole said it was his favorite part of the game.

After the game we went out to eat.  As we were waiting for our table Cole was reading the newspaper.  Zoe said, "Before long, he'll be heating up his chocolate milk, playing soduko, and whittling." 
It was a fun day hanging out with family!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cole "Kind of Likes Jesus"

 As I snuggled in with Cole last night he asked, "Do you want me to tell you 3 reasons I love you?" 

Of course!  I love it when he does that!

This is what he said: 
1.  You play trains with me sometimes.
2.  You snuggle with me.
3.  You are the prettiest girl in the world. 

He seriously said that!  In his little eyes I think I really am the prettiest girl.  I ADORE HIM!

Then he asked me to tell him 3 reasons that I love him. 
This is what I said:
1.  You give me hugs and kisses.
2. You are fun to be around.
3.  You love Jesus.

 He looked at me and in a very matter of fact voice said, "I don't love Jesus...I kind of like Jesus." 

Wow, Cole's a hard one to win over!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I'm really glad Cole and Brewer are friends, but I'm pretty sure they will get into some trouble.  Friday afternoon Bud took them on a bike ride and texted me:
The boys need to learn that the point of peeing on a bush is to be covered by the least when they are at the front of the neighborhood.

Another day they were busy putting streamers all around the extra room in our house.  They said it was to trap Hadley (even though she was home napping).  I heard Brewer ask Zoe if she would put on some "happy" music so Hadley would think it was just a party. 

When they realized Hadley wasn't coming over they decided to trap Zoe in her own room.  I heard Cole tell Brewer that Zoe was really smart, but they could "unsmart" her.  They put all these pillows in front of her door.  I don't think they realized the door opened in.  And yes, that's Brewer in the laundry basket.  Ironically, it fell over as I was taking the picture and he couldn't get out.

The other day Cole spent some time at the Hodges.  When he got home I said, "Uncle Bud and Aunt Shell said you were good at their house."  He looked a little disappointed and said, "Well, they are wrong."  I asked, "So you weren't good?" and he answered, "I wasn't mean...but I wasn't good."
Michelle still insisted he was good and Cole said, "Well she didn't see everything."  I didn't ask any more questions.  Michelle and I both decided ignorance is bliss! 

Hadley and Zozee

Hadley loves being girly and hanging out with "Zozee".  She came over one day last week and Zoe and I did her toes and fingers.  She looked at them and said, "Oh.Me.Gosh!"

She also likes to pick an outfit from Zoe's old dance costumes to wear.

She took a little break from being fabulous to go potty.
Then she talked Zoe into getting a baby from her house.

She is all girl, which I think is adorable...especially since she mostly hangs out with her dad all day.
She may still need a little more work on sitting like a lady in a dress though!
Maybe Zozee can teach her!


Bobby and Michael held a free tball clinic last Saturday.  They had a really great turn out.  Unfortunately, it rained so we had to be in the gym.

Brewer went with us.  He did a great job, listened, and seemed to have a good time.
 He even sat by his friends and cheered on the others.  It was pretty loud in the gym with so many people in there.  You can see Grayson is holding his ears in this picture. 
Most everybody seemed to be having a great time.  There was at least one kid who didn't enjoy it.
 I'm hoping we'll be outside next week and he'll like it better. 

After the clinic, Zoe and I headed to Petsmart.  She hung out with the rescue dogs.
  She loves cuddling with the dogs and is pretty good at answering questions.   

If you are looking to get a dog, you should come by on Saturday. 
Zoe would love to show them to you!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fun Evening at Stone Canyon

Stone Canyon had a Western Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser last Friday.  It was a lot of fun!  They had games, raffles, dinner, and an auction. 
Lindsay and her dad brought Olivia and Grayson.  I am so excited they will be at Stone Canyon next year! 

We waited in line for a while to get a balloon figure.  When it came our turn I could hear Zoe whispering, "Please don't pick the 'sword of fury'." But Cole and Grayson both picked the sword of fury.  It was huge.

I've mentioned before how Cole is like my dad in a miniature body.  See how Grayson is acting tough with his sword?  Cole just stood there, not amused.
Zoe seemed to have fun with her friends.  They are looking so much older!  Her and Macy are still close.  I'm so glad.  She's a good little girl.

As we were walking to the car I asked Cole if he had a good time.  He said, "Yeah, it was pretty fun in there...more or less." 

When we got home he wanted to send a picture of Nana to show her his huge sword.  He wanted to lay on the bed because "it's comfy".  Somehow, though, this pose seems inappropriate.