Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wow, We Were Dorks

But I sure love these guys!

These were my first roommates.  We moved in together our freshman year of college (well, Travis was a junior).  
 The boys are my cousins, Josh and Travis, and Chantel was one of my very closest friends (I miss her so much).
 We posed for these pictures so we could hang them in our apartment.
We didn't have the money to have them professionally done.  That's obvious from the picture with the cameraman's foot in it. Aunt Patty was our photographer.

 Unfortunately, Travis "dorked" most of them up!

Okay...maybe we all look a little dorky.  Fun times though!

The Best Part of the Zoo is the Train

Cole and I went to the zoo today.  The first thing he wanted to do was ride the train.  Here he is posing, flashing his gang sign.  I think he's trying to copy Zoe's peace sign, but it's weird.
We tried looking at some of the animals, but Cole was only mildly interested.

The new sea lion exhibit was neat, but we didn't see any swimming around while we were there.
They also had a new deck to see the giraffes.  They were an awesome sight to see, but I couldn't convince Cole of that.
I looked over and he was watching the train go by.
I tried to get him to notice the giraffes, but he still pointed at the train and talked about it's whistle and coaches.
I was excited about our zoo membership, unfortunately we still have to pay for the train. Maybe next time he'll notice the amazing, exotic animals too.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hayden is a Cheerleader!

 Hayden is cheering this year.  I love it!  We went to her first game on Saturday morning.  It poured down rain!  I mostly watched her cheer from under the bleachers with Bud and the other kids, but Zoe stood in the rain to watch.

She looked like she was having a great time and she did a fantastic job.  I don't even think she cared that it was raining so hard.
  I'm pretty sure Michelle cared.  She is the cheer coach (which is pretty funny to me).  She actually looked like she had been cheering for years though.  I was impressed.  I told Bud she must REALLY love Hayden.     The fact that she is coaching, and in the rain, says a lot about her as a mom!  I love this serious coaching picture of her.  It reminds me of when my dad coached football.
 We stayed as dry as we could, but it wasn't easy.

Hayden definitely had a few fans!

 I didn't get any pictures of their halftime routine, because I wanted to watch it, but it was so cute!
 It finally stopped raining the 2nd half of the game so Zoe and I sat in the bleachers.

 Zoe told me I was embarrassing her because I was cheering with the cheerleaders.  I tried to explain to her that's what you're supposed to do, but she didn't like the fact that I was doing the motions with them too.  What?  I was in the moment and they were really cute cheers.

 At the end of the game they stood in 2 lines and the team ran through.  It was fun to watch.

 Later we went to Cherry Berry.  It was yummy!

I'm glad we live close and get the chance to watch them grow up each day and can go to all their events!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Happy Birthday to an amazing sister in law.  

I can still remember when Bud called me 8 years ago this month, I believe.  I was leaving a MSSU football game and he was telling me about this girl he met and how he liked her.  It's easy for me to remember, because he never did that.
It wasn't long before we met her and fell in love with her.  She is perfect for my brother.  They are too cute together.  She is fun to hang out with and perfect to talk to.  She cracks me up and doesn't take herself too seriously.  
 I found a CD with all these pictures on them.  It was right before Hayden was born.

 If Bud looks annoyed in this picture I'm sure it's the dogs and not the girls!  He was pretty sweet about the dogs too though.
 Zoe and Michelle had an instant connection.  Michelle still may be the only person who totally gets her.

I am so happy to live across the street from them.  I love watching our kids grow up together.

I am thrilled that she is part of our family.
Happy 37th Michelle!  LOVE YOU!