Monday, August 13, 2012

Water Fun

Friday the kids and I went to have some fun before school starts.  
First we went to the aquarium. It was our first visit there.

The kids loved it.  They fed some turtles.That big one made me a little nervous.  He was hungry!

Cole was easily excited by all the animals.

There were lots of interactive things to do and many animals they could touch.

Zoe loved touching the stingrays.

The sharks were awesome! We loved the tunnel where the sharks could swim all around you and above you.

After the aquarium we headed over to some inflatable water slides that were nearby.

Cole went straight to the biggest slide, which surprised me because he's really not that brave.  I think I was more scared than him while he was climbing to the top.  I told Zoe to go behind him.
He didn't seem scared at all and zoomed to the bottom.  He was so little that he was thrown all around at the bottom.
He attracted quite a crowd.  They loved watching the expression on his face as he was going down.
He went down lots of times.

Zoe loved it too!

We took a break and had a little snack.

Cole tried some of the other inflatables too.

Then went back to the big one.  It got a little windy and the white tarp at the bottom flew over Cole.  I panicked.  Cole popped out, laughed, and said, "Hey, who did that?"

Then one of the workers had to fix it.  Zoe was stuck at the top for several minutes!
It didn't stop them from going many more times though!

It was a fun day together!

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