Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grandpa Bill...Gangsta Style

I bought this wind suit for Cole, but wasn't sure about it.  I showed it to Michelle and asked if it was too "Grandpa Bill".  Grandpa Bill is Michelle's dad who Cole really likes.  Grandpa Bill wears this style of clothes  quite a bit.  

 I tried it on him after his bath to send a picture to Michelle to see what she thought.  I didn't put a shirt under it and then he kept wanting to unzip it to "show his body", as he said. Then he kept doing weird gang type signs with his hands.
 Not sure he looked very tough though. Brad thought he looked like a gymnast.
Maybe that's what inspired these moves.

He may have looked a little silly, but he liked the outfit and I think he's cute anyway, so I'm keeping it!  
Is there a demand for wind suit models? Maybe him and Grandpa Bill could team up.

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