Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Splash Park

Bud and I took the boys to a splash park yesterday afternoon before we picked up the girls.

They had a lot of fun.

It made me realize how much fun we're going to have here. I'm going to LOVE staying at home. I've been saying that Bud is going to be my new Charity Solomon. The one year I got to stay home with Zoe while in Neosho, Charity and I did lots of fun activities with the kids.

I told Michelle that Cole and Brewer just followed Bomber around and did exactly what he did. That made Michelle nervous!

I miss everyone back home, but I am glad that the cousins will get to grow up together and be so close. I loved growing up with the Hughes. We have really great memories of fun times together.

I just hope Cole, Brewer, and Bomber don't try some of the same things Bud and the Hughes boys did. After hearing some of their stories, I'm not sure how they survived!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

All in Oklahoma

We're finally all in Oklahoma. Brad moved everything, with the help of Dave, on Thursday. Cole came back from Nana and Papa's too even though he didn't want to leave. It's really weird but he loves cruising around in Hadley's walker. Bud calls it his "Rascal". The other day he pulled up to the window and said, "Uh, I'll take a macaroni and cheese", like he was at a drive through window.He had a really good day today with the boys and wasn't crabby (much). We have 6 kids and 4 adults living here! It's working so far though!! I told Bud and Michelle that I hope they don't hate us before we even get moved into our house across the street!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Big Happy Family..Well, Most of Us are Happy

Cole's been really moody. It's not completely abnormal, but still annoying. When Zoe and I came home from Parent's Night at her school this is what I saw. Cute huh? I guess this was Cole at his best. The rest of the evening he had been mad because I went to the "meet". (I told him I had a meeting). He told me he bit Brewer. I said, "We don't bite our friends", and he said, "I didn't bite my friend, I bit Brewer". Then I tried to be real serious and dramatic and told him that Jesus tells us in our Bible book that we need to be nice to everybody. He looked at me and grinned and said, "Now you're just being funny."

Brewer and Cole are either very cute together or can't seem to get along at all.

This morning Cole sat beside me and said, "I love you Mama". I said, "I love you too, Cole", then Brewer chimed in, "I love you three, Cole".

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cole Comes to Owasso

Cole wasn't with Zoe and I last week when we came to Owasso. I drove back Friday evening to pick him up at Nana and Papa's house. He was with Aunt Sue. He was excited to see me but did not want to leave with me. He "ran away" to Mr. and Mrs. Bradley's house. Papa tried to talk to him but he really didn't want to leave.

I think he would live with Nana and Papa if he could. He loves them all, mostly Charity.

He's done pretty well so far with only a couple of freak out moments. We've been going places with Uncle Bud. I took this picture while we were still in the garage. Look! That's my new house out the back window!

Yesterday we went several places looking for Bomber some shirts and ties for school. He wants to wear a tie everyday. Bomber asked me, "Do I look handsome?" When I answered, "yes", he said, "That's what my teachers say and that's why I want to wear a tie."

He did forget his shoes though so Bud bought him and Cole a pair of flip flops. Cole loves his new flip flops. He thinks he's big stuff!

For some reason this is his new "cute" pose. He's showing off his new flip flops.

Zoe is still loving school. Here she is organizing her clothes and giving the "Judd" peace sign.

We are so thankful for Bud and Michelle. We love them so much!

Today we went with Brewer to his school for Open House.

It was a nice school. Cole loved all the toys and the teachers were friendly.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Miss Our Friends

We're off to a good start here in Owasso, but we sure miss all our friends.

Zoe called Mia after school to check on her day. Nobody will replace Mia. We love that little girl.

Tuesday night we had a block party. We weren't really trying, it just ended up that way! We were glad to see everyone.

We heard that Taya's first day went well. I knew it would. I was sad that we weren't there to see her through her first day, but it didn't sound like she needed us.

We already miss our awesome neighbors.

Cole's been staying with Nana and Aunt Sue the last couple of days. Brad says he's doing well. He adores Charity! He won't hardley let her out of his sight. Nana said her day seemed to go okay today.

I had a bit of a breakdown last night thinking of Blake and Charity. I've always been there on their first day of school. It's only day one and I feel like I'm missing out on things with them. I love them like they're my own.

Cole and Hunter have gotten very close, although you can't really tell from this picture. Tiffany has promised to come see us.

I hate not having Cole and Brad here. Cole's had a big week. He gave up his passies Sunday in exchange for 5 trains. Nana bought him some Thomas underwear. He insisted on putting all three on the other day.

He actually said, "I wanna put on my big boy panties", then he posed like this. YIKES! I really miss him!!

First Day of School

Bomber woke Zoe up this morning. Not on purpose. He was following me around telling me how it smelled like Saturn and Jupiter outside. Like big gas apparently. Anyway, he didn't realize Zoe was still asleep so he apologized to her, but she wasn't mad. We had a relaxed morning. School doesn't start until 9:00. We left about 8:25 because Bomber goes at 8:45. I like starting later.

Zoe wasn't nervous at all. I, however, felt like I needed anti-anxiety medicine. I was shaking and my stomach hurt most of the day. I just prayed all day that it would go well and she would find at least one friend.

She wore her new outfit that she got with Nana. She looked really cute!

Brewer was mad because he wanted to go to "cool". I think he took it out on me.

Look at Zoe. She was laughing and having a great time all morning. I was really relieved.

We dropped off Bomber first. He did great and had a fun first day. Then Zoe and Hayden jumped out. They were already yelling, 'hi Zoe'. It made me feel a lot better.

Bud, Hads, Brewer, and I hung out and then picked Bomber up at 11:15. We were happy to hear he had a good day and his teachers loved him.

Michelle and I ran and did a few things then picked the girls up. They loved their first day! What a huge relief!!!

Zoe said her teacher was just like Miss Anderson (that's a big compliment).

She made some new friends named Mary Grace, Avery, and some other girls who she can't remember their names.

She said she loved school as much as you can love school. Even as much as Seneca which is so awesome. Thank you to all who have prayed for us. Nana always makes cookies on the first day of school. Michelle and I made cookies instead. I took them out of the package and placed them on the cookie sheet and she took them off the cookie sheet. They weren't "Nana cookies" but they were okay.