Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to Tulsa

We had a great time visiting the Hodge family. Their new house is beautiful!

We are so thrilled that they moved closer. It was really nice to go spend some time with them and not be so exhausted from the trip.
Zoe, Hayden, and Aunt Shell went shopping. Brad and Bud did some work around the house and I played with the other kids (really I just held Hads the whole time).
Cole and Brewer are so adorable together (when Cole isn't pulling his hair). They're at a cute age.
Cole loved baby Hadley and had fun with the boys too. He got tired about 4:00 and wasn't much fun after that though. We ended up getting a hotel room and meeting up the next day for a trip to the zoo.
There wasn't a lot of people at the zoo so the kids were able to run around. You would think the boys were looking at some animal here but instead they're checking out these big trucks that were doing construction.
Brad kept them moving by giving them MnMs. You can get those two to do anything with a little chocolate! I teased and said it looked like Brad was feeding little monkeys. The coolest part of the zoo was when this elephant came right up against the glass! It was really awesome.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dancing Boys

When Brewer was at our house Sunday Cole turned on High School Musical and they went to dancing. Brewer may be an awesome athlete, but I wouldn't say he has a lot of grace. You'll notice that he falls down a few times while bustin' a move. A few of my other favorite moments in the video are when Cole attempts the splits (Brad would die). What can I say, he watches his sister a lot. I also love it that Zoe laughs through the entire dance at the boys. The best though is at the end when Brewer decides to really show off his moves (apparently it's a dance from Super Why) but the look of concentration on his face while he puts his arms in the air and spins around is hilarious. Cole copies him so I guess he thinks it's cool!

We are having a blast with Brewer. Hopefully he'll leave Seneca with only the good memories of playing with Cole and a full head of hair!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun Sunday

Brewer came to our house to play yesterday. He was so good. He mostly just sat in Cole's room by himself and played.
I think the new is wearing off for Cole and he's beginning to treat Brewer just like everyone else. Which means he loves him one moment and is attacking him the next. Poor Brewer!

Blake had his first band concert. Mom and Dad went by themselves and Mom took these picures. She said they did a really good job!

This is him and Sydney. Don't they look cute?
They talked Sydney's sister into being in the picture too. I had Kourtney in 3rd grade.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hall of Fame

My dad found out the other day that he is going to be inducted into the Missouri Coaches Hall of Fame! We're so excited!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cole Loves Brewer Now!

Cole is now obsessed with Brewer. They are so cute together and it's been 2 days and Cole hasn't pulled his hair yet!

He did stroke his hair once, it does look tempting!

We're glad we're getting to spend time with the boys while the Hodges are in the middle of their move.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mrs. Claus Rocked the House

Zoe was Mrs. Claus in her 2nd Grade Program yesterday. She did a wonderful job!
She was only given about 5 days to memorize about 20 lines. At first it stressed her out because she wanted to get them word for word. I tried to tell her that she didn't have to recite them exactly but I don't think she believed me. She got them all memorized though and did fantastic! After the afternoon performance I told her to try to look more perky and just have fun. She said it's hard to have fun when you're really hot. Apparently her costume was made for "North Pole" weather and not for the Seneca Elementary gym.

She did enjoy herself though and we all had fun watching her.
Meme came to her afternoon performance.
The evening performance was even better. She seemed more relaxed and the whole show ran smoother.
Taya and Steph came to watch. Steph told us about how she was Mrs. Claus in an elementary program too! Zoe always says she's just like her Aunt Steph!

Despite the fact that Cole was a toot before the program, he pulled it together and did well during the show.

He even clapped at appropriate spots. Charity brought a notebook and kept score. The show was called "Reindeer Games" and they had a red team and a green team!
Blake said that Cole was already getting to know Mrs. Barnes, our principal. I'm sure it won't be the last time he visits with her! As Mrs. Barnes was talking to him Charity warned her that he hits.

Durning the last song the kids held hands. Steph and I could hear Cole Whitehead yelling, "Zoe, your suppose to hold my hand." I love that kid!
Not sure what Cole (Whitehead) is looking at in this picture though!Taya blew Zoe kisses through the program and waved at her. It made Zoe look like a rockstar!

Thanks to everyone who came. What a blast!