Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dancing Boys

When Brewer was at our house Sunday Cole turned on High School Musical and they went to dancing. Brewer may be an awesome athlete, but I wouldn't say he has a lot of grace. You'll notice that he falls down a few times while bustin' a move. A few of my other favorite moments in the video are when Cole attempts the splits (Brad would die). What can I say, he watches his sister a lot. I also love it that Zoe laughs through the entire dance at the boys. The best though is at the end when Brewer decides to really show off his moves (apparently it's a dance from Super Why) but the look of concentration on his face while he puts his arms in the air and spins around is hilarious. Cole copies him so I guess he thinks it's cool!

We are having a blast with Brewer. Hopefully he'll leave Seneca with only the good memories of playing with Cole and a full head of hair!

1 comment:

  1. It's hard to decide which is my favorite. Cole's splits? He's so HOPPY. I know it's because HIS head does NOT weigh two tons, like his cousins. Impressive skills. I really LOVE Zoe's infectious giggle in the background. Hilarious! Brewer? His moves need work. He lacks the concentration and focus. His energy level is lacking a bit, too. Oh, NUTS! Thank you, Dean!!! Good laugh!