Monday, December 6, 2010

Cole's 2!

We celebrated, with just our family, on December 2nd for Cole's actual birthday. Brad had a CAT scan that morning so we both took the whole day off.
I called Nurse Molli around noon, not expecting to find out anything yet, and she said she had a great birthday present for little Cole. His daddy is normal! That's the words she used. I don't know if I'd call him normal! Anyway, we were thrilled and relieved. Thank you Jesus!

Cole loves blowing out the candles around our house but he was a little confused about why we were sticking them in his cake.

This picture cracks me up. I would love to know exactly what he was thinking.
We sang Happy Birthday and he blew out his candles. Then he blew them out again and again and again. Brad thought the fire alarm was going to go off.

He enjoyed the icing and MnMs (his favorite candy) but didn't really eat the cake.

He looks like a little, old man here!

He got a Nerf gun from Sis, which I think Brad enjoyed more than Cole. He popped me in the booty with that thing all weekend!Brad and I got him a new scooter. I didn't pay attention and didn't know you had to put it together so he was a little disappointed when it came out of the box in pieces.After about 20 minutes and a little frustration he was ready to roll!Happy Birthday Cole! We love you!

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