Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Fun

We've been hanging out quite a bit with Hads and Brewer.  
 They're pretty sweet about including Hadley now.  I think she's less obnoxious than she used to be.

 As soon as Hadley gets to my house she says, "Eat!" and opens the pantry.
 I don't think the food is the only reason she likes my house, but it's definitely in the top 3.
Cole has been excited to do school each day with me.  He also loves coloring with Brad each evening.  Brad is very neat and luckily it's rubbed off on Cole.  He's really good at staying in the lines.
 The other day he said, in a pathetic voice, "Mom, I don't want to turn four, I'll just stay three."  When I asked why, he said it was because he didn't want to go to kindergarten.  I told him he wouldn't go to kindergarten until he was five so he said, "Okay, I'll have one more birthday, but I"m not going to turn five."  I asked why he didn't want to go to kindergarten and he said, "Because I will be scared there without you."  Thank goodness he'll have Brewer!
 He doesn't actually need to have any more birthdays.  I would be fine with him staying this age forever and we all know he doesn't need any more trains!
 Yesterday morning Bud and I took the kids to the zoo.
 They liked looking at the animals.

 But they also loved running nonstop, the pop machines, and the "no public entry" signs.  They even went off the sidewalk to see a fire hydrant.  If Brewer looks like he's been caught doing something wrong, it's because they were.

 This was a neat little place where you could see if you could jump as far as a langur monkey.  Hadley had no ups, the boys jumped about 3 feet.  I jumped 5 feet, which I thought was impressive since it was the length of my body.  Bud said, "Yeah, so you could either jump or just fall on your face."  I guess either was I would go 5 feet.  Bud jumped 8 feet.  Show off.
 Then they had a balance course.  Hadley and Cole walked over it like this.  Notice Brewer observing them.
Then Brewer went across like this.
.  It is always a great time hanging out with my brother and the kids.
 Then we picked Zoe up from school and met Mom at Big Cabin.  We traded Zoe for Judd.  Cole didn't know until he woke up from his nap when we got home.
 He was surprised and really happy.
 They have went nonstop.

 I thought it would be good to watch a movie to calm down in the evening.  Karate Kid was on TV.
 It didn't help them calm down.

 When Cole woke up this morning he was excited all over again to see Judd was still here.
 Today, we went to Cherry Berry.  They both loudly announced how Cherry Berry was the best place in the whole world and said "Yum" with nearly every bite.
 Then we headed to the park.  They didn't stop running and climbing for about an hour and a half!

We stopped and rented a movie on the way home. One with no fight scenes!

Completely Rotton

This guy completely has my heart...but he also makes me tired.
Zoe just believes the things I tell her and takes it to heart.
Cole questions EVERYTHING!
Me: Cole, you can't run away from me in the store.
Cole: Why? Running is fun.
Me: Because someone could grab you and take you home with them.
Cole: They can't take me. I run fast.
Me:  You just need to obey me, Cole.
Cole: Why are you the boss of me?
Me: Because God made me your mom, so I'm the boss of you.
He rarely seems satisfied with my answers.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Girls

My BFFs, Steph, Kody, and Charity probably opened this blog post terrified of what pictures may be on here!  They threatened me that I couldn't post all of the pictures we actually took!  
They all came to Owasso last Saturday and we had the best girls' day ever!  They got here about 11am and left at 10:30 that night.  I got to show them some of Owasso and then we went to Tulsa to shop and eat.  Cole and Zoe were excited to see them too.
 Between the 4 of us we have 11 kids now, but we only took Charity's baby, Jewel, with us.
 We laughed until we were crying and about to puke.  It felt so good to have so much fun! We also talked about things you just can't tell everybody, we caught up on our crazy lives, and we prayed together.  I am so blessed to have these girls in my life.  We seriously have to get together more often.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Talent Show at the Nursing Home

Our Wacky Wednesday Playgroup went to the Sterling House in the summer and did a talent show for the residents there.  We weren't in town, but it must have been a hit.
The residents decided they wanted to do a talent show for us.
They played the bells.  A couple of the performers kept falling asleep.  Cole thought that was funny.
We ate cookies and enjoyed their company.

Grayson was super sweet and even taught the residents how do "web" people like Spiderman. 
Hads, Brewer, and Cole were a little more stand-offish.
At one point Brewer made this disgusted face and asked, "What's that smell?"  I didn't smell anything, but was smart enough not to ask him what it smelled like.
I love visiting that place.  The people there are so sweet and I usually leave with a smile on my face!