Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Girls

My BFFs, Steph, Kody, and Charity probably opened this blog post terrified of what pictures may be on here!  They threatened me that I couldn't post all of the pictures we actually took!  
They all came to Owasso last Saturday and we had the best girls' day ever!  They got here about 11am and left at 10:30 that night.  I got to show them some of Owasso and then we went to Tulsa to shop and eat.  Cole and Zoe were excited to see them too.
 Between the 4 of us we have 11 kids now, but we only took Charity's baby, Jewel, with us.
 We laughed until we were crying and about to puke.  It felt so good to have so much fun! We also talked about things you just can't tell everybody, we caught up on our crazy lives, and we prayed together.  I am so blessed to have these girls in my life.  We seriously have to get together more often.

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