Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Typical Week With the Wards

These are some random pictures, but I love them.   
 Cole has really enjoyed riding his bike.  He likes to ride down to the fish pond at the front of our neighborhood.  At this moment of taking pictures I was thinking about how lucky I am and how unbelievably cute he is.  On the ride back to the house he just wanted to go really fast.  I found myself screaming at him to slow down and was even using his middle name.  He just kept yelling back, "Mom, I know what I'm doing!"
That's pretty much been my stay at home experience with this 3 year old.  One minute I'm feeling like the luckiest person in the world and the next minute I feel like I might hurt him!  I still love it though and we are even starting some school work.  He seems to love it.Zoe really loves school and dance.  Macy is still her closest friend here.  They are good for each other.
 I've got to spend quite a bit of time with Hads and Brewer.  They like coming to Aunt Dean's house.  The other day Hadley was watching her mom on TV.  She would get really excited when her mom was on and got irritated when it showed anything else.

 She also insisted on wearing a helmet for about an hour at our house.
 She may have the right idea.  She likes to "Poke the Bear" as we say.  She knows how to push Cole's buttons and he comes at her swinging.  She never seems very scared of him though.
 When the two of them are getting along you can be sure they are causing trouble!
The other day the kids and I went over to the Hodges' house and Hadley met us at the door dressed in her nightgown and Hayden's sunglasses and shoes. The rest of the family was in the backyard.  HILARIOUS!
 This guy never causes trouble.
 I love it that him and Cole are so close now.  They are hilarious together.  I love listening to their conversations.
 Cole is trying to turn Brewer into a Thomas the Train nerd.  I can tell Brewer just doesn't get it.
Brewer likes to ride with us to get Zoe.  He's fallen asleep a couple of times.  Zoe took this picture because she thought he looked so cute with his legs crossed.

I also got to go to Muffins with Moms for Brady's class.  I was the fill in Mom.  It was a blast.
 Cole likes to go visit the Thomas aisle at Target and tells me all the things he wants for his birthday.  He even had me take a picture to send to Nana.  
 Zoe got the Obedience award at school.  We are really proud of her.  She really does do a great job at obeying us and her teachers.  She's a good girl.

 This guy will probably never bring home the obedience award.

 After staying with Aunt Shell today he started lifting one eyebrow.  I told her that's just what Cole needs, one more look that says to people, "You are an idiot".W

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