Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Talent Show at the Nursing Home

Our Wacky Wednesday Playgroup went to the Sterling House in the summer and did a talent show for the residents there.  We weren't in town, but it must have been a hit.
The residents decided they wanted to do a talent show for us.
They played the bells.  A couple of the performers kept falling asleep.  Cole thought that was funny.
We ate cookies and enjoyed their company.

Grayson was super sweet and even taught the residents how do "web" people like Spiderman. 
Hads, Brewer, and Cole were a little more stand-offish.
At one point Brewer made this disgusted face and asked, "What's that smell?"  I didn't smell anything, but was smart enough not to ask him what it smelled like.
I love visiting that place.  The people there are so sweet and I usually leave with a smile on my face!