Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Fun

Our first day of Christmas break we headed over to the Bippus house for gingerbread fun.

She made some delicious Grinch drinks.

They also decorated Ninjabread Cookies!

The girls decorated a gingerbread house too.

Yep, the boys are still in their pajamas!

School Christmas Parties

The kids had their school Christmas parties on December 19th, before break.  When I got to Cole's class I noticed the cute hallway display.  I also noticed that every other kid was smiling cheerfully for their Santa pictures..but not Cole.

He thought the idea of pretending to be Santa was silly. Mrs. Barr said he looked like Santa after a long night of deliveries!
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 The party was fun.  They rotated stations.  First Cole made a candy cane ornament.

Then he made a snowman out of powdered donuts.

He also played Bingo. 

Mrs. Claus also came to visit and brought the kids cookies.

Later that afternoon, I went to hang out with the 5th graders.

Zoe's class had a Smore making party!

I really like hanging out with Zoe's group!

Since Zoe's party ended at 2:30, we headed down to Brewer's party.

He's in the afternoon PreK class.

He seemed pretty happy to have us there.


After the parties were over I checked out all the kids and we started our Christmas break!

Birthday Party for Jesus

Cole and I went to a birthday for Jesus at the church on December 8th.Cole got to make lots of cute crafts and ornaments.

 We also watched an interesting reenactment of the Christmas story.

And of course, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Jingle Jam

Zoe and I went to the Christmas FX at church.  It was great and I always love hanging out with Z!

Lights, Lights, and More Lights!

We couple of weeks ago we took advantage of the mild winter weather and went to see the lights at Rhema Bible School.  It was so beautiful!  Cole doesn't look like he's enjoying it, but he did!

 It was a lot of fun!