Monday, April 30, 2012

Early Birthday

Brad took Zoe shopping for my birthday on Sunday.  My birthday was a week away, but once they bought the presents they couldn't wait to give them to me. I loved it!
Zoe came home and said, "Daddy was a good sport, we went in a lot of girly stores."  Brad got me an adorable umbrella for our back patio.  Zoe said she helped him pick it out.
I just love Zoe's heart.  She has been saving her money and had about $50 in change.  She spent her own money on me and said she was saving the rest of her money for her dad's birthday.  When I went in her room today I found a list she had made titled, "Mom's birthday ideas".  She had been writing down things she wanted to get for me.  It was so cute how thought out her gift was.  She knew the exact scents I liked from Bath and Body Works and got me those hand sanitizers. She thought the "Bee Nice" and "Bee Good" sanitizers would be funny to use for Cole.  She also knew I loved colored lip gloss and lotion.
She got me my favorite candybar.
A Starbucks giftcard (I think her dad helped her pay for that part).
She got me these two coasters because she knew my favorite child, Hadley, had broken two of my other ones and I had commented on how I loved Mom's coasters.  She found the exact same ones and bought 2 of them.
I love for her to brush my hair so she made me this certificate for free hairbrushing (only good through next December)!

This was probably my favorite part of the whole gift.  I love this card she made me!Zoe made me feel so incredibly special.  She put so much thought and detail into my gift.  I love her so much!

Dance Recital

Saturday morning at 7:30 we loaded up all 6 kids and headed to Seneca.  Zoe and I went to Solomon's Dance Recital, Brad and Cole went to visit Meme, and the Hodge kids stayed with Mom and Dad.  We had 5 carseats strapped in our Pilot.  It was pretty crazy, but they were actually really good.

We got to the recital and even had front row seats, thanks to Diane!  We got to see lots of our friends, hold Tripp, and watch an amazing show.
It was a little sad seeing Zoe's class dance, but they looked so great.  She was able to watch her friend Mia.  I also loved watching Marleigh.  They were both right in front of us and even seemed to make eye contact with us a few times!
Taya, Journey, and Wren's class were really great little dancers.  They did a cute princess dance that started off slow and sweet and went into hip hop!  ADORABLE!
After the show, Miss Charity said she could hear me yelling for the girls from backstage.  I get a little wrapped up in the moment.  Charity loved it though!
Taya looks like she is loving every moment.  I seriously can't get enough of her.  The other day Zoe and I were talking about Taya and she said, "She's adorable, I love her."
Eric's daughter, Brooklyn, was fun to watch too.  She's been dancing with Miss Charity for a long time.  She's so pretty and a beautiful dancer.

These are a couple of my little girls from class last year.  Mallorie and Taigan were born to dance.  They are performers.  Look out, they are going to be stars one day!
I always love the Daddy/Daughter dance and Mother/Son dance.  Gavin danced with Brekken.  They did great. Brekken is adorable.
My friend Charity, who's the owner and teacher of Solomon's Dance Studio, danced with her son Jonah.  I love those two!
Gavin looked like he was having a blast!
Charity had a baby 2 months ago and look how amazing she looks.  She's gorgeous.  If I didn't love her so much I would hate her!
Taya and Steph came and sat with us in between her dances.
Mia found Zoe too.  The girls loved watching the show together.
Tripp is 8 months old and sat really well through the show.  This is Matt's mom holding him here.
All of the dances were so good.  Charity does a great job with all the choreography and the whole show was outstanding.
I miss Charity.  She teaches way more than dance.  She uses many Christian songs that stick with the girls a long time.  She emphasizes beauty from the inside and teaches important virtues.  She is patient and loving and every girl at the studio feels special.  She is such a great example.  I know she makes me a better person.  I pattern my teaching after her, in both my class, and with my own kids.
During one of the dances, I look over and Jonah (Charity's son) is playing the violin!  I didn't even realize it was live music until half way through the song!  WOW! That kid is talented.

This little dance made my cheeks hurt.  It's the Mommy and Me class.  Most of these kids aren't even 2 yet!  The Moms were on the floor in front of them doing the moves to help them remember the dance.  Jolie, Will and Lisa's daughter, looked at Lisa through the first half of the song as if she were thinking, "You look like an idiot".  Then the tempo picked up and she went crazy, jumping and dancing.  Loved it!  Jude, Charity's other little boy is beside her.  He waved to the audience.  He's so cute too!
Cody and Alicia's little Hadley was singing and dramatically doing her own interpretation of the song.  It was too funny!
Miss Charity gave a sweet speech at the end.  WOW! Loved the show.
It was fun to visit with our friends after the show.

Journey ran and jumped and wrapped her legs around Zoe's waist.  I loved how excited she was to see her!

After the show Zoe went out to eat with Mia and her family.  I went to Pat's to get Cole and Brad played some golf with his friend, Tony.

We hung out at Mom and Dad's all afternoon. Bomber and Papa were best friends on this day.  He went to the grocery store with him and loved talking to him and listening to him play his guitar.  It's so cute how he has his hand on Dad's face.

Cole wanted to stay 100 days.  I told him he was coming home with me this time.
We have a lot of little ones when we all get together.
They were having a great time together.
Zoe made Nana this cute necklace for her birthday.
Papa played his guitar, Bomber sang with him, and Zoe danced.


The 3 oldest Hodges spent the night with Nana and Papa.  Hadley came home with us. 
I love Hadley so much, but she wakes up way to early in the morning.  She was awake at 4:45 and in a great mood.  I tried laying down with her, but she was ready to start her day.
Cole seemed to love her a little more in the morning.
In fact, I would say he loves her to death!