Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loving 918 Some More

In honor of Love 918 week, our Wednesday group took the kids to pick up trash behind Wal-Mart.  They really got into it!

Liz gave them a little talk before we started.  She let them know that by picking up trash we are loving others, just like Jesus.

They all put on their gloves and got to work.  I was surprised at how good they were at collecting trash.  

 It was almost like a game to see how much they could get in their bags.

Look at this! Kristi even worked with a baby strapped to her!  Wow!

 Connor and Cole found these little blue flags that they kept for souvenirs.  It was better than an empty cigarette carton.
After we worked hard picking up trash (they lasted longer than I thought they would) we went to eat at "Chicken Fil A", as Cole calls it.  The kids played and ate.  It was actually a really fun day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Tball

 Cole had his 2nd tball practice tonight.

As we were driving to practice he asked, "Are we going to Coach Bobby?"
 Coach Bobby is pretty awesome.  He's a smart coach though and recruits about 5 other dads to help him out during the practice!  It's well organized and moves smoothly.
 Cole loves it.  He has his first game Saturday.  I'm sure it will be hilarious!
 The boys have a blast together.  I actually heard one little boy say to another, "Are you having fun at our work out?"
 Cole kept his helmet and glove on, which was impressive to me.

 I'm not sure why he had them on at the same time though.  At one point I couldn't tell if he was running the bases or fielding.  I think he just kept his glove on the entire time.

 He's still having some trouble finding all the bases, but he's smiling the whole time he's running around the field.

 We have a really fun group.  I love chatting with all the moms.  Zoe informed Liz that she had a handprint on her booty.  It wasn't big enough to be Bobby's!  We're pretty sure it's her 2 year old Dawson's hand.  It's amazing how she can still score cool points with a newborn strapped to her front and a handprint on her back!  She rocks though!
 Bobby is Liz's husband.  He's got the patience of a saint!

 They huddled up and yelled "I'm a man" again.  Cole loves that part!
 After practice, he was thirsty...
 and tired.

I hope Saturday goes well.  It's so cute to watch!

He's a Stinker, But I Love Him to Death

After I dropped the kids off at school this morning, and it was just me and Cole, he really started talking.  He asked if he could draw on his leg (not sure why he thought of it).  I said no and of course he asked why (one of his favorite questions).  I told him it looked bad and was hard to get off.  He then said, "It will be an accident."  I told him I still didn't want him drawing on his leg.  Then he asked, "What if I hide and do it?"  The answer was still no.

Then we stopped at the dry cleaner.  The sweet lady tried talking to him and he ignored her I told him to be nice.  Then the lady told me, "You can pick these up tomorrow."  Cole looked at her and said, "I'll be nice to you tomorrow."  I told her she had that to look forward to. 
 As we pulled into the house He crawled on my lap to "drive" for a little while.  I kissed him on the cheek and he said, "Mom, you don't have to kiss me all the time."
 Love this guy.  I really do have the best job ever.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Love 918

 Our church is doing LOVE 918 week.  Brad and Zoe picked up trash yesterday.  Today the kids collected canned foods for our local food pantries.
 The neighbors were happy to give!
The kids were really into it, even Cole.  The goal for all the kids at FCC is 2012 cans.  I bet they can do it!
 I let Cole knock on Uncle Bud's door.  He walked in and yelled "Uncle Bud, can I have a can?"
 Uncle Bud gave him this!  Funny.
 He later exchanged it for some food!
 We were only able to hit a few houses before we had to do homework, but everyone was very generous and we can't wait to collect more later!