Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Instead of a party, Zoe wanted to hang out with me for her birthday! 

We dropped Cole off at Nana and Papa's and headed to Arkansas.  We went to Wal Mart and grabbed some snacks and headed to our hotel room.  We played Skip Bo, ate, and watched the cheerleading championships on TV.  She is so much fun to hang out with!

We woke up for the free breakfast and then went shopping.  The best part of the trip was that we could do whatever we wanted.  We only went to a few places, but spent a lot of time at each place.  We laughed until we cried. 

She had some birthday money to spend. She got headphones, some things at Claire's, and this neck pillow.  I would have never thought of getting her the neck pillow, but I think it was her favorite purchase.  She said it was well worth the $8. 

I made fun of her until I tried it.  It really was pretty awesome!
We also stopped at the Cookie Company.  Their brownies are heavenly!After our trip, Brad got her a bike she's been wanting. 

Unfortunately her allergies don't allow her to be outside very long to ride it!
 She'll be 11 on June 4th.  I hope 10 years from now she'll still want to hang out with me.  I love being with her.  She is funny and full of joy.  Her heart is huge too.  She got everything she wanted for her birthday and then gave the rest of her money ($30) to the Laura Dester Shelter.  It's a shelter in Tulsa for foster kids who are waiting for a home.  Man, I love her.

Silver Dollar City

Mom and Dad got Silver Dollar City passes and took us as their "friends".  It was so much fun!

This is Judd, right before his first roller coaster ride, Thunderation.  We really couldn't tell if he enjoyed it or not.

Cole had a good time, which means I had a good time.  Plus, he was attached to Dad so I had some freedom.

Everyone got to ride their favorite rides, but there are some that we can't wait to try when we go back!
 Mom even rode the American Plunge so Zoe wouldn't have to go alone!  Now that was hilarious!
I loved hanging out with Blake and riding the new, big rides.  I LOVE Roller Coasters!
 Blake got a trick pen from a gift shop that zaps you.  It actually hurt.  Mom and I squealed and tried to run from him.  Dad just stood calmly and told Blake that he could do it to him, but then he was going to do it back to Blake.  Blake thought about it, but never got Dad.

Blake teases Dad about being old, but he pushed Judd and Cole (probably about 100 lbs) all around and up the hills there.  Plus he rode the new roller coaster, Outlaw Run, with us.  Yep, he's still got it!

Cole and Dad rode a couple of rides together. 
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 There was a small roller coaster in the kid area that Dad tried to talk Cole into riding too, but Cole was more interested in getting a slushy "like they have at Target"! 

Of course Cole loved the train and thought the "train robbers" were really funny.
 He sat on Papa's lap and they both laughed. 

Great memories!  I'm loving summer already!

Celebrating Birthdays

At the end of April, we went to Seneca to celebrate birthdays.  First we took Charity out for her 12th birthday.

 I wanted it to be just me and her, but she didn't want to leave Zoe out...and she said everything is more fun with Zoe.

We ate at the fanciest restaurant she could think of...Chedder's.

That girl may be little, but she loves to eat!

Next we went to the mall.  She had $50 that was burning a hole in her pocket. First stop was the candy store.  Zoe and I could barely keep up with her as she walked quickly to the store!  She mostly bought candy for Judd.  She really could have spent all her money on other people. 

She knew exactly where she wanted to go next.  She guided me down the mall until we came to Victoria's Secret.  Zoe refused to go in so we just looked from outside. 

Claire's was a lot of fun.  She found several things she liked in there!

Our last stop was Tilt.  She won an ice cream cone on her first try!

We played a few games and of course ate a little more.

On the way home, she looked at herself in her new sunglasses and said it was the best day ever!

We stopped by Grandpa Boots' house on the way home and she showed him everything she got.  He loved it and commented sweetly on all the nail polish and accessories.

On Saturday we went to Solomon's dance recital.  We miss Charity SOOOOO much!  I love watching her recitals. 

After the recital, Mom and I went shopping for the day to celebrate her birthday.  It was really fun just to have time together.
I hope Zoe still wants to hang out with me 25 years from now!
Sunday we went to church.  It was great to see all our friends!

After church we went out to eat for Mom's birthday. 

The thing we love to do most  when we visit Seneca is to hang out at Nana and Papa's house.

 Zoe and Cole can't understand why our family can't just live with them!
 There are a couple of people in the family who don't think that's a great idea!