Monday, October 31, 2011

Love This Kid

Several times a day Cole will yell out of nowhere, "Hey Mama, Do you like me and I like you?" I'm not sure where it came from, but it makes me melt.
Since church Sunday he's now added, "Hey Mama, you like me and I like you? And I love God and God loves you?" How precious.

Happy Halloween

We started out the day dressed up. At Stone Canyon the kids wear their costumes all day to school. As we were headed to school I quickly remembered why holidays are fun for kids, not for teachers. I was glad I could drop them off and leave!While waiting to leave the boys were watching TV. More Brewer usually gets left out. I'm not sure why, he's the most agreeable one of them all. I picked the girls up from school. They both had a great day, filled with fun. Zoe did her homework and then Malynn came over. She brought pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that her mom made. They were awesome. I'm going to make myself sick on them I'm sure.The girls ate dinner on the porch hoping for early trick-or-treaters.
Soon the Hodges arrived.
They were full of excitement and cuteness.

After Brad got home we headed out. Our first stop...Mrs. Huskey across the street. She is the sweetest lady and loves all the kids.
We hung out with Malynn while trick-or-treating. She was a scary monster.
One of our last stops was back at the Hodges. I think they enjoyed giving out candy as much as getting candy. They gave Cole several handfuls.
They stood on the side of the street yelling at kids going by, "Free candy!" They practically tackled people passing by in order to give them candy. It was cute.

We hung out on our porch to pass out candy. We didn't really have that many kids. Nothing like my mom and dad's neighborhood, which is what I'm use to. The kids liked going through all their candies.

Cole's favorite candies were "Kats" and "Farties". He got really annoyed when Aunt Shell laughed at him when he asked for more "farties". He spends at least half his little life annoyed though.

He kept asking for "one more".
Zoe had fun.

Like any 9 year old, she lived it up by taking inventory of all her candy and organizing them.
She had them all sorted out and a list made of what she had. I was laughing at her and she just kept saying, "I don't get what's so funny."

I love that little girl. She is just like her daddy and Aunt Steph and those are two of my favorite people.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Playing With Macy and Mason

We had a fun evening playing at our new friends' house. Zoe's friend Macy invited us for some Halloween fun at her house tonight.
Macy has 2 sisters and a brother. They all invited a friend over for fun Halloween treats. We got there a little after 5 and ended up staying until after 11. Late night for the Wards!
Mason is just a couple of months older than Cole. They got along really well (until Cole got tired then Brad took him on home).
Macy's mom, Krissi, made mummy hotdogs and the best chicken nachos.
I didn't get a lot of pictures of their house, but it is beautiful.

Then the kids decorated spooky spider cupcakes.
This is Mallorie. She's in first grade.

It's such a relief to see Zoe having fun and being a total goofball. She does seem relaxed and happy.
The blonde is Macy's 5th grade sister, Madolyn. Her friend, Gabriel, is our neighbor.
Zoe and Cole enjoyed playing with all their toys. I love this balance bike that Mason had. I'm thinking it would make a great Christmas or birthday present for Cole.
Before we left we enjoyed messy, but yummy, caramel apples.

This is Madolyn holding her apple. It was funny because I saw how hard Krissi worked at getting that stick in the apple. Might've been a good idea to hold it by that stick!
Zoe said good-bye to the crazy witch on the front porch and we headed home.
We had a great time!