Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend in Seneca

We spent a fun weekend in Seneca. Cole's still there. He wanted to stay with Nan and Pops.

I really miss hanging out with Charity and Blake, although Blake wasn't hardly there.

We had a great shower for Judd on Saturday at Tiffany's house. Mom loved it.
She was overwhelmed with the love everyone showed her and Judd. She got a lot of great gifts. It was fun to see everyone and hang out with them.Zoe drew this picture of Judd. This is Michelle. She gave this to us as a joke. It had been hanging in her studio back in Columbia. Tiffany hung it on her wall and when Michelle walked in and saw it, she just looked at us and said, "morons". It was funny though!

It was really fun to hang out with friends. I love you all!

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