Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hangin' Out With Brewer

We went to the park this afternoon with Brewer. Before we left we ate a cookie. I'm baking more now that I'm at home (and don't have Mom's great food around).
There is this amazing park in Owasso. It's called Funtastic Island. Cole loves it.
On the way there he was kicking and hitting Brewer, mostly to annoy him. I made him apologize and said he had to be nice if we were going to the park. When we pulled up, and he saw how awesome it was, he said, "Wow! I be nice to you here Brew".
They ran and played hard for a little over an hour.

Cole loved climbing. I'm trying not to be as nervous with him as I was with Zoe. I think I turned Zoe into a big wimp about heights because I was constantly yelling at her to be careful.

Brewer started up the ladder too, Cole was actually cheering him on, but Brew said he was scared.
He got about 2 rungs up and looked at me and said, "I can't do it Aunt Dean."

Somehow I became the "monster" about a half hour into their fun. I chased them around and made growling noises. This was their hideout.

After a while they became hot and tired. They both took a rest in the bottom of the slide.
Cole kept putting his head on Brewer.
Brewer kept repeating, "Cole, I not a pillow. I Brewer".
They enjoyed some juice before we headed back home.
I think they are worn out, for at least a little while. Now they are chillin' out and watching t.v.
I love those boys. And did I mention I love staying home?!?

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