Monday, October 24, 2011

Why is He So Cranky?

I took Cole to our new doctor today. Normally he is pretty quiet at the doctor's office. Not today.

I tried the discipline technique of bribery. I showed him a big sucker and told him if he was a big boy at the doctor visit he would get the sucker. Half way through talking to the doctor he starts kicking and screaming, "I want my sucker!" I tried to use my polite 'teacher' voice and tell him there was no way he was getting the sucker. Then he argued with everything the doctor said. For example she asked him "Are you a big boy?" He yells "NO, I a little boy!" After about the third thing he disagreed with I say, "At least he knows his opposites."

It was so embarrassing. The doctor and the nurses were sweet and acted like it didn't bother them at all. They even game him a sticker when we left. He didn't deserve it though.

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