Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Fling

 Stone Canyon Elementary had their Spring Fling last night.  It was like Seneca's school carnival.  They had fun games in the classroom pods, food, baskets, and a silent auction.
 Our Relay for Life Team worked the concession stand.  Brad had to close so I fed the kids and let them play while we waited for him to get there, then I helped. 
 Zoe enjoyed the "Minute to Win It" type of games.
 Cole enjoyed running and falling to the ground.  We practiced being nice on the way there.  I would say things like, "Hey there cutie, wanna give me knuckles?"  Then he would practice saying, "Okay."  He did well.  I wouldn't say he was overly nice, but he wasn't rude, and that's good enough for me.  He's been giving this "your the dumbest person I know" type of look with his eyes now though (he's doing it in the picture below).  I guess we'll tackle that problem next.

 Cole played a couple of games, enough to get a piece of candy.  He wasn't really interested.

 Brad stayed for a little while with them, then took Cole home.  We stayed until the end, but didn't win any of the baskets.  Sadly, our friends didn't win either.  Macy's little sister, Mallorie, cried a little when she didn't win the camping gear.  The girls were sweet to her though, especially her fifth grade sister.  They loved on her until she felt better.
 Macy ended up coming home with us and staying the night.  They stayed up until about 1:00...and so did Cole!
It was a fun evening with friends!


  1. I'd blame Aunt Shell for "the look".

  2. STOP it, Felicia! I was just going to say that I don't think the look is that obvious!!!