Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Judd's Birthday Party

Judd had his 7th birthday party on Sunday at the Flip Shop.
Everyone had a great time!
Several kids from his class showed up.  Eli, Avery, Annie Kate, Kierra, and of course, Taya.
The girls from his class were hilarious with him.  They all looked like proud, little mamas.  I'm glad he has so many kids who love and take care of him!

He got lots of great gifts.
Mariah was the Flip Shop girl who was in charge of Judd's party.  She was so good with the kids.  Mom wanted to take her home.

I think Brewer also wanted to take her home.  He loved her.

Blake's back was hurting.  He resisted doing anything for a long time but by the end of the party he couldn't stand it any longer and started doing flips.  Nobody has ever shown him how to do any kind of gymnastics, he just tries it and is actually pretty good.  Check out Blake's flips on his facebook page.
All the kids had a great time.

And even a few of the adults!
Dad jumped in the foam pit several times with the kids.

They loved playing with Pops and you can tell Papa was having fun too!

Judd's friend Zack came to the party too!  Zack was his best friend at Home of God's Love in Taiwan.  Zack got adopted by a couple in Riverton only a few weeks before Judd.  Judd was thrilled to have him there!

There were a few things nearly lost in that foam pit.  Bud and Brewer both lost a sock and Judd almost lost his glasses.  Hunter found them and tried to put them back on Judd's face.

I know Judd had a great first birthday here in the U.S.  Thanks everyone for making it so special!

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