Thursday, March 8, 2012

Strong Personality

I call Cole a "Strong Personality".  I've always said the same thing about my brother Blake too.  
It seems strong both ways.  You either want to squeeze him because he's so cute or squeeze him because he's being a total pain.
He's loving Sunday School and learning a lot. They work on the same memory verse all month and he really remembers them.  Last week was a bit of a challenge for him.  They learned that Jesus loves everyone and is kind to them.
Something made him mad on the way home from church.  I reminded him to act like Jesus and be nice.  Then he said in a grouchy voice that Jesus wasn't in his heart anymore. I told him that was sad and that I was going to say a prayer to ask Jesus to come back in his heart.  That made Cole more angry.
After we got home, Zoe played with him and he calmed down.  Then he told Zoe that Jesus was back in his heart.  

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