Friday, September 14, 2012

My Life is So Good

I love my life.I love the way Zoe treats Cole, even when he doesn't always deserve to be treated kindly.  I love the way Cole adores Zoe and misses her when she's not here. 
 Zoe talked Cole into taking his first shower the other night.  He loved it and didn't want to get out!
 I love watching the relationship between Brad and Cole.  Cole watches and imitates him.  It's neat to watch the way Brad handles things compared to the way I do.  For example, the other day Cole was "full of frustrated" (as he says) because his trains weren't working the way he wanted them to.  He kind of growled and said, "These trains make me want to say a bad word!"  My response would have been something like, "Cole, you shouldn't even have bad words in your heart, try to calm down."  Brad looked at him calmly and said, "Christmas trees make me want to say a bad word."  Cole looked at him surprised and a bit confused.  Brad went on and said, "Putting up Christmas trees makes me want to say bad words, I know how you feel."  Cole calmed down...and never actually said whatever bad word he was feeling.
 Mom met me in Vinita yesterday so she could take Cole home with her for a couple of days.  We went to Wal-Mart and Cole showed her everything he wanted for Christmas and his birthday.
 He knows exactly who to ask!  It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up with everything you see on the floor.
 I miss Cole, but it was really nice to have one on one time with Zoe.  I took her to dance and actually got to watch the entire class.  Then we went to her Open House at school.
 We stopped by the Book Fair and then visited her class.  Her teacher was so sweet and said the nicest things about Zoe.  This was on Zoe's desk.  It's a self portrait and poem she wrote about herself.
 I love the poem so much!  I wanted to cry.  
 I'm one lucky lady.

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