Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cole and Brewer

Cole and Brewer are hilarious together.  They are so different.  I love listening to them talk.  
 Brewer came over this afternoon and played for a little while, then we loaded up and headed to the park.  They ate some fruit chews on the way there.  They were discussing what types of fruit they had.  Brewer picked out an orange one and said, "This is potato."  Interesting fruit chew flavor.
 We unload and start playing.  Brewer sees the monkey bars and says, "Cole, I can't do the monkey bars because I will break both my legs." Then Cole adds, "Yeah, and you'll die."  Brewer then informed him that he wouldn't really die, he would just hurt his legs really bad.  Either way, we stayed off the monkey bars.
 I brought some bread to feed the ducks.  The boys seemed excited about it and started throwing it down to the pond.  The ducks and geese must have been starving.
 They started getting closer and closer and making loud noises.  I started freaking out and yelled, "Run to the car!"  We took off running and jumped into the car.  Cole was a lot more scared than Brewer.  I said, "Those birds looked mean."  Brewer said, "They're not really mean, they probably just think we're burglars." I told them they could role down the window and throw the bread to them.  Cole was still scared, but Brewer told him that ducks can't jump that good.
 When the ducks left, we decided to be brave and play a little longer.  

Cole and Brewer played hide and seek.  Cole said he could find Brewer easily.  Brewer really wasn't very good at hiding.
 We headed back home to grab a drink, then went to get Zoe.  
 Then we went to the Hodges for a little while.  I love being there when Hayden and Bomber get off the bus so I can hear about their day.  Bomber was reading his sight word list.  He is an amazing reader and he's only five.  Then Brewer started reading the list!  He read about half of the words (probably 15).  He just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago.  It was unbelievable!
I'm so glad that Cole has decided to be Brewer's friend.  I had my doubts at first, but now I know they are going to be close... just as I had planned!

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