Wednesday, September 26, 2012

See You at the Pole

This morning we met at the flagpole in front of Stone Canyon to thank God for our amazing teachers and students and to ask for His guidance through this school year.  

It was a dark morning, but the sun was shining through a little and there was even a small rainbow near the Tulsa skyline.  It was beautiful.
Several teachers, parents, and students were there.  I loved being a part of this amazing group of people.
The kids circled up around the flagpole and the parents circled around them.  Mrs. Hearn, the music teacher, sang a beautiful song, while her talented husband played the guitar.
Our preacher, Charlie Curran talked a little.  It was great.

Some kids read scriptures.
Then 3 kids prayed.  One prayed for the students, one prayed for the teachers, and Zoe prayed for their principal Mr. Holderman.
He's the guy in the blue shirt.  She had been thinking all week about the great things about Mr. Holderman.  She had told me how lucky they were to have him as a principal.  She especially liked how he was "good with names". She said he always remembered her name.  She also like how he celebrated the kids' successes.  She said sometimes he even announces them to everyone standing near.  She also can tell he loves God.  Those are some pretty good qualities for a 10 year old to notice about her principal.
I nearly cried during her prayer.  I know she was nervous, but I was so proud of her for doing it.
It makes me happy that Mrs. Curran thought of her to be a part of this.  I am so proud that she is maturing into such an amazing Christian girl.  
I'm also thankful for the awesome adult influences at Stone Canyon. It's a great place for kids!

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