Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day Full of Partying

Saturday we went to two really fun birthday parties.  
 First we headed to Grayson's bug party.  The kids got to handle real worms and ladybugs.  Zoe seemed to like it.  Cole wouldn't go near them.

 There was also lots of yummy, bug related food.
We had bug juice, adorable bug cupcakes, ants on a log, worm holes, and dirt dessert.

 A lot of the boys we hang out with each week came.
 They are quite an wild bunch.
 Cute though!
 We sang to Grayson and enjoyed some food.

 Then he unwrapped his presents.  Cole was excited to see what he got, since they love the same things.
 When Grayson unwrapped a "good" gift, Cole would say, "Good Job Grayson!"

 Grayson really wanted a snowy Thomas set, and Cole wasn't going to be satisfied until he got it!
 Luckily he did!
 Then Lindsay and Michael's exterminator came to talk to the kids and show them some bugs.
 He did a fantastic job and was great with the kids.
  Most of the bugs were dead, but some were alive!
 Like this big centipede.  EWW!

The Hartleys were nice enough to bring this tarantula that was still alive.  They found it in their yard.  
 It was a fun party and a beautiful day.
 We went home to rest for a little while, then headed to Mason's cowboy party. 
They had pony rides (which Cole wouldn't do), goats, games, and a general store.  

 Zoe and Macy were in charge of the "Pan for Gold" game.

 The chocolate coins that were buried were a little melted, but Cole didn't seem to care.
 Zoe had just as much fun as Cole.  She had some friends there and they had a blast.

 Cole warmed up to the goats.  He hung out with them for quite a while.

 The food was so great and the kids had a blast.  Mason is a doll!
 Zoe and Cole looked through their loot when they got home.  It was a great day with friends!
Happy 4th birthdays to Mason and Grayson!

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