Monday, August 27, 2012

Hayden is a Cheerleader!

 Hayden is cheering this year.  I love it!  We went to her first game on Saturday morning.  It poured down rain!  I mostly watched her cheer from under the bleachers with Bud and the other kids, but Zoe stood in the rain to watch.

She looked like she was having a great time and she did a fantastic job.  I don't even think she cared that it was raining so hard.
  I'm pretty sure Michelle cared.  She is the cheer coach (which is pretty funny to me).  She actually looked like she had been cheering for years though.  I was impressed.  I told Bud she must REALLY love Hayden.     The fact that she is coaching, and in the rain, says a lot about her as a mom!  I love this serious coaching picture of her.  It reminds me of when my dad coached football.
 We stayed as dry as we could, but it wasn't easy.

Hayden definitely had a few fans!

 I didn't get any pictures of their halftime routine, because I wanted to watch it, but it was so cute!
 It finally stopped raining the 2nd half of the game so Zoe and I sat in the bleachers.

 Zoe told me I was embarrassing her because I was cheering with the cheerleaders.  I tried to explain to her that's what you're supposed to do, but she didn't like the fact that I was doing the motions with them too.  What?  I was in the moment and they were really cute cheers.

 At the end of the game they stood in 2 lines and the team ran through.  It was fun to watch.

 Later we went to Cherry Berry.  It was yummy!

I'm glad we live close and get the chance to watch them grow up each day and can go to all their events!

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