Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Judd's First Day at Seneca Elementary

 After being here only a week, Judd started school today.  Thank goodness he has Mrs. Rea...and Taya!

 I went to Seneca this morning and went to school with him.  He seemed a little nervous at first.  He hung on to Mom and then seemed a little uneasy going in the building.  That didn't last long though.  He settled in and started to work.  He worked hard all day and was well behaved.  He couldn't talk to the kids, but that didn't stop them from talking to him.
 Mrs. Rea is such an awesome teacher.  I am confident she will be perfect for him.  I can tell she's been preparing the class for him too.  They were helpful, but not in his face.  They seemed to love him already.
 When we first got there I could hear one group of kids talking.  One little girl says, "English is hard, but China is way harder."  Then a little boy says, "I've been to China...but I can't remember any of the words."
 Later some of the kids would say, "Judd, Judd...Hola".  Judd just smiled at them.
 He was laughing with the kids and did pretty well on his work.  The ESL teacher will be in there with him most of the morning.

They have a rest time in the afternoon and he fell sound asleep.Mrs. Rea told a couple of boys they could wake him up "gently".  They kept saying, "Judd, wake up.  Don't you want to go out to recess?" 

 I loved hanging out with Taya today.  I got to listen to her read during rest time.  She is doing a great job.  I can't believe how well she can read for a 5 year old!
 I tried not to hover over Judd, but Taya and I neither one were too far away.  He did great.  He ran and played with all kinds of kids at recess and already knows a lot of the procedures.

 I was so excited to see all my teacher friends again.  They all hugged me so tight.  I don't get hugs like that in Owasso.  I love them all so much.  I saw several of my students from years past too.  They're so sweet.

 Judd fit in great and seemed to have fun.  At the end of the day Mrs. Rea told them to get their things ready to go home and he yelled, "Yay!"
Charity walked over to the elementary to go home with us and Judd yelled, "Charity!" and ran to hug her.We pulled into the house and he jumped out of the car with his arms in the air yelling, "Mama, Mama, Mama!"  When he saw Dad he jumped up on him and hugged him tight.  
 You could tell he was ready to be home.  He's such a sweetie and I'm glad I got to share this experience with him!


  1. I love reading bout judd....he sounds like a God send...hand picked just for ur family

  2. I'm so glad you were there to capture his first day with photos and stories. He did GREAT!!! I just can't get over what a happy and easy going kid he is. When we left on Saturday, I kept thinking I just want to hang out with him more and get to know him better. I'm glad you both had a great day yesterday!