Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Running at the Zoo

 Brad had the day off yesterday so we headed to the Tulsa Zoo.  It only cost a dollar to get in on Mondays in January and February.  It was 68 degrees and a great day to go.  Everyone else must have thought so too, because it was packed.  It was hard to believe it was a January day.  There were several people in shorts and short sleeves and I even saw one tattooed pregnant lady in spaghetti straps.
 We had fun and saw lots of animals.  The kids also loved this climbing rock.

 We ran into the Hendersons there so we hung out with them.

 We didn't have a stroller for Cole and he ran almost the entire time.  It was exhausting keeping up with him. When he was caged in the petting zoo he stopped for a little while to take a rest.

 /The animals seemed a little frightened of Cole (for good reason)!

 Cole loved the train.  He wanted to ride it or look at it the entire time.


 Zoe and Macy kept trying to lead us in the right direction using the map.
 They really enjoy each other.  I'm glad they are in the same class.


 As we were leaving the zoo, after spending 4 hours there, I asked Cole, "What was your favorite part of the zoo?"
He answered, "Running."

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