Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Fun With Judd

 I think I've got my pictures all messed up.  Friday morning we went and got Judd and Cole's haircut.
 After the haircut we had some fun visitors.  Taya, Hadley, Diane, and Steph came to see Judd and exchange Christmas presents.  
 Judd is going to be in Taya's kindergarten class.  She is going to take such good care of him.  It reminds me of Zoe with Evanson.  I'm sure she'll have him speaking English in a week!

Dad took all the kids over to the elementary school to play.  Yes, Charity has on shorts and Judd has on a winter coat and hat.  He's freezing all the time.

Cole tried to impress Hadley.  I don't think she was all that impressed.

Cheryl and EmmaLi brought lunch.  Cheryl remembers how exhausting a trip around the world can be so she thought it would be helpful to have a meal.  It was the yummiest lunch and great not to have to worry about it!

How adorable are these two together?

Aunt Sue came down to play too.  Steph ended up taking Charity and Zoe home with her and Mom, Sue, and I took the boys to Sam's with us.  Judd fell asleep in the cart and slept all the way home.  Jet lag caught up with him!  
 We still didn't want to cook so we got Chinese food.  Judd showed off his chopstick skills.

It was another great day!

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