Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Love These Ladies

Mom, Steph, and Diane came to Tulsa today.  I got to show off my house and then we went to Utica Sqaure and did some shopping.  We had some good girl time and laughed and talked constantly.
Cole was good and loved all the attention from the Nanas and Steph.  Nana got him a new train station because he's been doing so great using the potty!  He loved it.
As they were getting ready to leave he kept saying he wanted to go home with Steph and spend the night with Diane.  He followed Steph around, afraid she was going to leave without him.
I quickly rushed around and packed a bag so he could stay at Nana's.  She said she could bring him back Saturday when they come for Bomber's birthday party.  He was so excited and they left in a hurry.  After they left I realized that he'll be gone 4 nights!  I immediately felt regret.  I was already sad about Steph leaving and missing her and now my baby is gone.  I called Brad and he made me feel better.  He also said if I couldn't make it (we know Cole will be fine), then I could go get him.

 I had a really fun day.  Thanks girls for coming to visit!