Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Train

 Michelle was able to get us tickets to the Christmas Train this year.  It just happened to be on the same day as our 16th wedding anniversary.  At first Brad and I were teasing that it wasn't our exact idea of a perfect anniversary date, but it turned out to be so much fun.  
 I was shocked at how big of a deal it was.  It was like a miniature Silver Dollar City.  It had a whole little town with shops, restaurants, and some carnival type rides.
 The train was a real steam train.  Cole loved it.
 We had heard stories about waiting in line forever, but it went really quickly.


 Cole was in awe.  Especially when the train tooted it's whistle and puffed steam.

 We got our boarding tickets and waited in the station for a few minutes.

 Bud stayed home with Hadley and at one point in the night Cole said, "Bud's gotta see this!"   
 We weren't allowed to take pictures on the train, but it was really amazing.  It told the Christmas Story.  It started with creation.  Zoe loved going through the tunnel with the planets.  Cole took it all in and said he liked all of it except the "sad part" (when Jesus died on the cross).  I talked to him through the ride, trying to explain the story.  I told him that Jesus died on the cross so we can go to Heaven.  After the train ride was over he asked, "So are we going to God's place now?"  

The next stop wasn't Heaven, but it was Santa's Palace.  Brewer, Hayden, Brady, and Zoe talked to Santa and took a picture with him.  Cole hid behind me and seemed a little suspicious of the big guy.  

After Santa, we grabbed some dinner.  Look at the size of these corndogs!
Cole yelled out, "This is the biggest hotdog I've ever seen in my whole life!"

Bomber was swinging his around like a baseball bat.  

 Cole doesn't like the bread, which made it look a little disturbing.

We walked around.  It was a nice evening.

 Cole rode a little train too.  

 He seemed a little nervous at first, but Zoe cheered him on from the side.
 He loosened up pretty fast.

Zoe, Brewer, Brady, and Hayden rode bumper cars.  
 Brewer was hilarious!

Cole loved the playground.  

What a fun night!  I love this time of year!


  1. What a fun time this looks like. I so love knowing your family thru your blog...all of them down to your mom and dad. How blessed you are

    1. I love all your sweet comments. I can't figure out from your username who you are though.

    2. I found your blog thru some friends that lived in Columbia when you brother and family still lived there. I live in Palmyra, MO up in the northeast corner but I have kids and grandkids in TX so I travel thru your area. my email is