Saturday, November 26, 2011


Aunt Marsha, Uncle Alan, and Kerstin came in Wednesday night and stayed with us. We were so excited to see them.Kerstin and Zoe drew each others' names for Christmas. Since they won't be able to make it for Christmas we went ahead and exchanged gifts while they were here.
They also brought Cole's birthday gift so they all enjoyed unwrapping early presents.

Cole got a puzzle and a fun bath toy. Zoe got American Girl Doll gifts (Aunt Marsha visited the store in Dallas). She got a Get Well Kit and some glasses.

Thursday morning Brad took Marsha for a drive around Owasso and to Catoosa to see where he works. I cooked a little for our Thanksgiving lunch. Cole listened to Uncle Alan read him a story.

Then we all loaded up to go to Ramona for lunch with Brad's dad's side of the family.
We eat lunch with everyone (there were 97 people total) at the school cafeteria in Ramona. It's only about a 30 minute drive for us now!
Then we head over to Aunt Dorthy and Uncle Eddie's for fun on the farm.

Cole and Zoe played outside almost the entire time. Cole had a great time with Meme. It's beautiful there.
We left there and took Brad back home because he had to work Friday. Then the kids and I headed to Seneca. Mom, Blake, and I went shopping all night. The whole day (and night) was a lot of fun with family!

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