Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Hearts

The neighbor girls have been working on their "Crafts, Crafts, and More" store all winter. They have made little homemade crafts and have all the details of their store worked out. They decided from the beginning they would donate their profits to kids in need.At Saturday's Garage Sale they worked hard to sell items and inform their customers about their quest to help kids around the world.Cole and Jolie (the passy buddies) were not a lot of help, but the girls worked hard.They ending up raising $47.55 and donated it all to the Rapha House, an organization who rescues young girls in Cambodia from slavery. ( went to Spa Day where they pampered the girls and told them all about the Rapha House. There was a place where they could make donations and the girls took their baggy of money and dumped it all into the donation basket. I felt so proud and was in awe that these little girls would be so selfless, but they just acted like it was something anyone would do. It was so awesome.

They enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and loved being pampered.

I can't wait to see who they'll help next. If you would like to check out their store blog go to

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