Monday, June 17, 2013

Sterling House

Our Wacky Wednesday group went to visit our friends at the Sterling House to celebrate Flag Day.  I took Cole, Zoe, Hayden, Brewer, Hadley, and our new friend Reagan.  I really expected that it might be a disaster, but it went really well.  All the kids were very good.  I like to take our token child, Hadley.  The residents LOVE her! One lady got out her iPhone and tried to take a picture of her, but ended up taking a picture of herself instead.
It was really hot outside and just as hot inside, but most of the residents were wearing turtlenecks and pants.

We sat under a shade tree and watched Liz's colorguard do a routine in honor of Flag Day.
It was pretty sweet of those high school girls to take time out of their summer to entertain us.

The residents say exactly what they are thinking.  One lady just kept going on and on about how Hadley was the cutest one there.  Then she looked at sweet, little Reagan and said, "You're cute too, but she's the cutest", as she petted Hadley.  
Cole fits in pretty well with most of the old people there.  
We decorated flags for the residents and handed out some cookies.

It's always a fun visit!

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