Monday, August 12, 2013

End of Summer Fun

Last Thursday we went to Seneca.  We pulled up to Mom and Dad's house to find a ditch full of water.  That kept the boys entertained for hours.

Charity already had her fingernail polish out and ready for me to paint her nails.  She had a very specific idea of what she wanted!  She loved it though and said I was the "best sister ever!"

We cleaned the boys up and changed them into dry clothes (Charity pulled Brody's outfit out of Judd's pajama drawer!).  Then they watched TV for a short while.

I love how Cole (and Brewer too) sometimes act like Judd is like every other uncle.  They snuggle with him and sit on his lap.  So cute!

Dad stayed with the little boys and Mom, Charity, Zoe, Blake, and I went shopping.  Mom wanted to get all the grandkids something for back to school.  Cole and Brewer chose to just have Nana pick up their things and skip the shopping!  She got them all cute outfits and Cole a pair of shoes!

Blake drove us around and we laughed and had a good time.  I love hanging out with them!

Friday we got up and headed to Silver Dollar City!  

The trip really isn't too bad.  The hardest part is pulling through a drive through to order lunch and dinner with 8 people.  It drives Dad (and the person in the drive through) crazy!

I'm so glad Mom and Dad got season passes this year.  We had a blast, all of us!

I love to watch my dad and Cole together.  Cole shakes and says, "This is so exciting" and Dad grins the entire ride.  
Cole even talked Papa into riding the teacups with him.

This is proof that my dad knows how to have a good time!

Dad pushed Judd and Cole and all our bags all over the hills of Silver Dollar City and we could barely keep up with him.  Then, after 6 hours at the park, I see him carrying Cole on his back to their last ride.

He also rode Wildfire (one of the big roller coaster that loops a few times) with me, Blake, and Zoe.  Not bad for a 66 year old guy!
Mom is terrified of the rides, but can sometimes be talked into trying one by the kids.  It is hilarious to ride one with her!  She did the American Plunge and the White Water Rafting ride with us (I think mostly because Cole was riding them and Zoe asked her to go too).  Zoe and Blake rode some rides together.  

He even talked her into riding Wildfire.  She was scared to death the first time, but rode it two more times after that!

Blake was resting in the stroller while waiting for the little ones to ride.

His rest didn't last long.  Yep, he's under Judd and Cole.  They love to pick on Blake!

We had such an amazing day and the ride home was easy.  Saturday we hung out for a while.  Dad showed us his pictures and uniform from when he was in the army and his old baseball uniform from elementary.  We had Judd try it on, just for fun!

It was a great time and a fun way to end Summer Vacation!  

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