Friday, November 2, 2012


Wednesday morning we dressed up in our costumes and went to visit our older friends at the Sterling House.Michelle didn't think Hadley's Zombie costume was appropriate so I went through Zoe's old recital outfits and found this bumblebee costume.  I loved dressing her up and she looked too stinkin' cute!  Even Brewer looked at her and said, "My mom will think Hadley is E-dorable!"
All of the kids (except Grayson) are a little standoffish when we first get there.  
Some of the residents were wearing costumes.
I'm not sure the kids knew what to think about that.
We had a great turn out of kids there and we went around trick-or-treating to the residents' rooms.
The kids had a blast and the residents seemed to love it too!
Brewer didn't ask any questions about the smells this time.  He was distracted by the candy.

Of course everyone loved Hadley.

It was so much fun and the kids left with lots of great treats!
So as if all the candy they got at the nursing home wasn't enough...Lindsay and I took these three to Cherry Berry!
I took Hads home for her nap and Bud changed Brewer because he thought he would spill ice cream all down the front of himself.  Bud was right.  Brew left with ice cream down the front of him.
Later that afternoon, the Zombies came out!  
 Scary huh?
 The Hodges went trick or treating in neighborhood.  
 We got dressed and went to a party at Zoe's friend, Riley's house.  That's not her actual house in the background!  
Cole was really impressed with their home.  It was very beautiful!  Cole partied pretty hard.  This is what his costume looked like half way through the night.
We went trick or treating around Riley's neighborhood.  Cole fell asleep on Brad while we were walking from house to house and Zoe ditched us for her friends, but it was still a great night of fun! 

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