Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving With Friends

We decided last minute to have a Thanksgiving party on Wednesday.  On Tuesday, Cole said, "We need to make the turkey for our friends."  Sounded like we were having a real feast.
 This is the turkey he made. Zoe helped a lot!

Hadley loosened up a lot and played.  She mostly loved the babies.  
   We told a shortened version of the story of the first Thanksgiving.   Some of our friends were Pilgrims and some were Indians.
The boys who were in preschool knew quite a bit about it.

When I asked who helped the Pilgrims, Connor answered, "God!"  I grinned and said, "Yes, who else helped them?"Grayson yelled, "And Jesus!"

We thanked God for our food and ate together.

We also sang and strutted like a turkey.

Lindsay brought a craft.

Cole just wanted to play so he said, "Mom, you do mine."   
It was a fun day with friends.  I am very thankful for this group!

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